zeenat cameronWe are delighted to welcome Zeenat Cameron to Yoga Kula on Sunday 13th May (12:15-3:15pm) for her Happy Mind // Meditations from the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali workshop.

“Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence. When the mind has settled, we are established in our essential nature, which is unbounded consciousness. Our essential nature is usually overshadowed by the activity of the mind.”

Yoga Sutras verses 2-4

In yoga meditation practice we learn how to still and settle the mind. Experience the blissful awareness that lies beneath the mind’s chatter with Zeenat Cameron.

In this workshop, you will be guided in meditation practices from one of the yoga tradition’s core texts, the Yoga Sutras, compiled by Patanjali between 200BC to 200AD.

From the viewpoint of yoga and the Yoga Sutras, our essential nature is pure awareness: tranquil, joyful, lucid, radiant and boundless pure awareness. To know pure awareness as our true nature and is said to equal the end of all emotional and mental conflict. Yet normally we don’t recognise this awareness. Our minds are rarely settled enough as we constantly get caught up in the endless stream of thoughts the mind produces, which then colour all our emotions and reactions and keep us spinning in cycles of stress and discontent.

Pure awareness is the background state behind our thoughts. In yoga meditation, we learn to recognise this and to realise that we are awareness itself, far more than the ever-changing and insubstantial flow of our everyday thoughts and emotions.Meditating

During this workshop we will practice several different meditations, and explore what the Yoga Sutras have to say about the yoga path, how we can develop a steady mind, and how that can benefit us.

We will explore meditations that use the method of observing and classifying thoughts so we are able to detach from them. Some work by focusing a one-pointed attention on an object such as the breath, the mantra OM, or something pleasing to us, and holding our attention there until the mind stabilises. In some practices, we will focus on cultivating positive qualities like replacing ill-willed thoughts in our mind with benign or friendly thoughts to help us let go of obstructive patterns that agitate the mind.

This workshop is ideal for anyone wishing to learn about the meditation disciplines of yoga, or to begin or deepen a meditation practice.  If you have an interest in meditation, whether beginning or deepening a practice you will find this workshop very interesting. This workshop is also of interest to yoga posture practitioners who want to learn more about yoga psychology/ philosophy and the more spiritual side of yoga. Some previous experience of meditation and/or yoga can be helpful but is not essential.

Yoga sutrasYou will feel: empowered and excited to go deeper into meditation practice. Steady-minded, calmer, stiller, more relaxed, more aware, more alert, more spacious and expansive.

You will take away from the session more knowledge about the roots of yoga and greater confidence in practising meditation, some highly effective new meditation tools, and an understanding of meditation’s role on the yoga path towards self-development.

Please bring a notebook, pen and a snack for a short break.

“Zeenat Cameron is director of Leeds-based meditation centre Insight for Wellbeing, where she has been teaching mindfulness and yoga meditation for the past nine years. Zeenat has studied and trained extensively for over 25 years in Yoga and Tantra meditation. She is a long-time close student of yogini adept Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati and has been initiated by her into the yoga wisdom streams of Kaula Yogini Tantra and Shri Vidya, ancient lineages dating back to the 10th century enlightened masters and consorts, Matsyendranath and Uma Parvathi Nath. In her teaching work Zeenat also draws on the broad knowledge gained from her many years experience as a clinical psychologist.”

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