My Yoga Journey

Zeenat Cameron is a meditation teacher and personal development facilitator, who for the past twenty-five years has studied and practised extensively in the Buddhist, Yoga, and Tantra wisdom traditions, travelling in India and spending time in ashrams world-wide.

Her passion is to support others on their path as they discover for themselves the deep teachings of meditation – that we each of us have inside us the wisdom, courage and inner resources for our own growth and healing.  All we need do is look within to find that truth inside ourselves.

In her teaching work with groups and individuals Zeenat also draws on the broad experience and knowledge gained from her many years of practice as a psychologist. After qualifying as a clinical psychologist in 1991, she worked as a psychotherapist, both privately and in the NHS, for seventeen years, and has trained in various modalities, including depth psychology, psychodynamic approaches, and cognitive behavioural therapy.

She has additionally trained in massage therapy, aromatherapy and in Taoist pulsation, a system of healing and personal transformation based on Taoist five element theory, acupressure and meditation.

Currently she practices on the Kaula Path, a branch of Kashmir Shaivism, under the tutelage of Parvathi Nanda Nath Saraswati, lineage holder of this ancient Tantra tradition of yoga and meditation.