Set-up your yoga sanctuary at home

To make the most of your much-needed you-time we encourage you to set up your yoga sanctuary so it feels inviting and relaxing.

We suggest being ready 15 minutes before class to allow you time to select the props or prop substitutes you might want to use, to get ahead of technology and to allow you time to breathe and settle before the class begins. By creating a relaxing home environment where you can practise you will truly get the most out of your class. Even if you have to clear it all away (because it’s your main front room for example) after class, that extra care, attention and time will be worth it.

Here are some tips:

– Find props you usually like to use in class. A book in place of a brick or block, cushions in place of bolsters, a blanket, jumper and socks for savasana
– Set your lighting, perhaps dim the lights or put on a lamp or two
– Light some incense or your favourite candle
– Are you going to play some music during the class? We are sending Spotify playlists for some classes so check you have a separate speaker to play the music from or can you play it from your phone? Perhaps you can do a test before the class starts?

Finally, settle down and enjoy.

Don’t forget to let us know how the classes are. We can only improve with your valued feedback, thoughts and options. Also we would love to hear your stories on how our classes are helping you during this difficult time. We are working hard to continue bringing you these classes and we hope to bring more classes in the weeks ahead.

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