In Yoga Technique you can expect a well-rounded dynamic yoga class, giving you adequate time for warming up the body and restful postures at the the conclusion of the session to to help you experience an inner quietening and softening.

Each class will focus on a specific teaching point or theme, allowing you to gain a better understanding of key alignment points which will enable you to work effectively and intelligently in postures. Classes will be varied with each class giving emphasis to a particular category of poses.

We will take our time to explore poses, weaving in both some dynamic flowing elements and more challenging poses, as well as going into depth in simpler postures. Time to slow down and turn inwards will always be a feature of this Yoga Technique class, whether through restorative postures, breathwork or contemplation.

In this approachable class you are free to ask questions or ask for clarifications, so that you understand why we are approaching poses in a certain way, helping to reduce any feelings of doubt, which can be a hindrance to your yoga practice. Leave feeling more grounded, easeful and alert.

  • Build on your technique
  • Refine your understanding of yoga
  • Expand and explore your own practice further
  • Learn how to practice safely
  • Increase your knowledge and confidence