Yoga Kula and Well Woman Yoga Expert Lara Heppell were delighted to be asked to film a special Well Woman yoga class which will appear on ITV’s Tonight programme this evening at 7:30pm.

Lara Heppell - Women’s Wellness, Pregnancy & Hatha Yoga

We spoke to Lara on how she felt about being asked to be included in such a topical issue on ITV’s biggest news show;

“Back in August, I received an unexpected call from Elspeth Fisher at ITV news. I was about to set off on an outing with my son and answered the phone before I left, I tried to have a conversation with Elspeth there and then (HA!)…it didn’t happen. She asked me if I was busy and could chat,  I lied and was all casual like, no I am fine to chat (it was ITV after all)  and then my son ruined it and started being loud and asking when we weren’t leaving, so we managed to have a very brief discussion about me teaching Menopause yoga both 1-2-1 and to small groups, but also how this was actually apart of a wider offering that I did which was that I taught Well Woman yoga to a mix of age ranges for all women to come together in groups and share where they were at, learn cycle awareness, be in community etc”.

ITV Tonight Programme with Yoga KulaOn the programme this evening, Julie Etchingham speaks to women going through ‘the change’, their partners and families to break the silence around the menopause. With over three quarters of women in work during their menopausal y
ears, are our workplaces doing enough to support women as they work through what can be devastating symptoms? And can new UK guidelines aimed at empowering bosses to
support women going through them really help?

Most of our regular students will know that Lara is a Well Woman expert and regularly teachers Pregnancy Yoga, Well Woman courses and Well Woman style workshops. Here is what Lara had to say on working on a topic close to her heart;

‘I am very passionate about women’s health and I work with lots of women of all different ages and stages of life, from a girl just entering womanhood, fertility and conception, pregnancy birth and motherhood and beyond into menopause.  However more recently I have been working with more women who are starting to experience difficulties with their menstrual cycle, and hormones in their early forties, as they begin to transition into perimenopause, before the menopause symptoms are meant to really hit.

I think there is so much to discuss around this that most women are not aware of, that would help to better prepare women for what lies ahead. Perimenopause transition to Menopause can often last for ten to fifteen years for some women. So anything that can be done to raise awareness around this issue, to start to get people, especially women, talking about this issue the better. Having more information and choices available out there will enable women to get support, so that they can better inform themselves, and find out about all the options, both natural and medical to  help them to feel better at this difficult time.

I think that symptoms of perimenopause and menopause can be life changing for a lot of women and my experience is that many women start to loose confidence at this time as there body and energy shifts. I myself am starting to experience some early perimenopause changes and whilst I know a lot about the theory the experience is a totally different thing and I am learning new tings everyday as I start to transition into this new phase of my own womanhood’.

So please tune in this evening to watch Lara in action at the Yoga Kula studios;

Watch: The Truth about the Menopause: Tonight
Thursday 24 November at 7.30pm on ITV

If you watch the show and follow along on social please use the hashtag #MenopauseTruth and @yogakulaleeds @weareallwoman


For more information on Well Woman yoga please get in touch.

Lara is running a Winter Solstice: Sweet Surrender workshop on Sunday 18th December at 11am.

‘Winter solstice marks the end of hibernation. Join Lara and take some time to reflect on your journey since summer solstice and acknowledge what you’ve completed and the insights gained along the way and make some new “solstice resolutions”, which when planted now will grow with the increasing light as we head towards spring’.

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