Yoga in India by Angela Sykes

Yoga in India by Angela SykesMy study trip to India is drawing to a close and after only a few weeks here I feel like I have lived a lifetime! The energy here is so heightened and anything can happen and so much has! It hasn’t been the luckiest trip for me in the sense that I have been ill three times and had an injury to my foot so I have missed several asana sessions so why do I still feel so lucky? In the West we can get a little stuck on the idea that yoga is asana. Asana are a part if yoga but if we decide to focus solely on asana and get fixated on them we begin to reduce yoga to nothing more than a performance in which we begin to compare and judge and sometimes unfortunately make the ego bigger! This misses the whole point of yoga which is about removing the ego so we can exist without divisions. So I still feel lucky despite missing some of my classes because yoga is everywhere in India, in the way you are welcomed as a sister, in the smiles, in the way that nothing seems to disturb the minds of Indians!

Yoga in India by Angela SykesNo stress, no fear, no worries! Yes life is hard here but with faith, devotion and the sense of community people are happy. If we could find a way to treat each person we meet as a sister or brother we would be well on the way to being a yogi! If we are stressed and unhappy about not being able to touch our toes in forward bend keep in mind that you don’t get happier when you are able to reach your toes in a pose you get happier through connecting to yourself through the pose using breath and awareness and then shattering the illusion that we are separate. Yoga means oneness, you, me, him, her, them, we are all one if the same.

Knowing this is knowing yoga.

Angela xx