Yoga Kula Immersions

Yoga Kula offer a range of immersions for yoga teachers, Yoga Kula Teacher Training Course trainees and dedicated students.

Will you be joining us?

If you are a yoga teacher, a yoga course teacher trainee yoga teacher or a dedicated yoga student you may find joining a Yoga Kula an Immersion supports a deeper dive into your yoga practice and/or your teaching.

Our immersions range from half a day to several days in length and on completion you will receive a CPD certificate. Our bespoke immersions are delivered by some of the most successful teachers in the UK who are ready to share their expertise and wisdom with you. On completion of a Yoga Kula immersion you will feel inspired, uplifted and excited about continuing your yoga practice and teaching.

The Yoga Scene

For teachers and trainees, we know the yoga scene is thriving which is really exciting! As the market becomes more crowded we all need to be more informed, inspired and well trained to really stand out. If you want to inspire your students and keep them coming back to your classes it is paramount you stay inspired, excited and offer something fresh and different. Taking regular immersions allows you not only to deepen your own practice but gives you the tools to support your students to deepen theirs also.

Upcoming Immersion

Our next Yoga Immersion training takes place on Friday 13th – Sunday 15th March 2020. Our How to Be a Successful Yoga Teacher // A Teachers’ Intensive Course Immersion is taught by Lilley Harvey from Peacock Tree Yoga and Angela Sykes, Director of Yoga Kula Leeds.



How To Be A Successful Yoga Teacher // A Teachers’ Intensive Course

“The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” ~ Bruce Lee

Teaching Yoga

Teaching yoga can be one of the most enjoyable professions in the world but if you are not clear and aligned with your vision, it can be stressful, draining and commercially challenging. Building and, most importantly, maintaining your yoga community is crucial – it’s the key to becoming a successful yoga teacher, and it requires an enormous amount of skill, focus and planning.

Spriritual Entrepreneur

Even the most gifted yoga teachers can struggle to fill classes. Because when you set yourself up as a yoga teacher, it’s not just about delivering lessons; you’re setting yourself up as a spiritual entrepreneur. Like anything that generates income, it’s a business – and it needs to be run like one, or else no-one will benefit from all that you have to share. Being a spiritual entrepreneur should bring you joy, inspiration and the rewards you deserve for all of your hard work and dedication.

After the course, attendees will have a clear understanding of how to:

Create a powerful yoga product
Effectively promote classes
Build community
Retain students
Maintain a commercially viable business
Stay aligned with your personal brand
Avoid burn out

The Success Guide for the Spiritual Entrepreneur

Course Content:

‘The Success Guide for the Spiritual Entrepreneur’ consists of 11 teaching hours, which are delivered across 3 days to allow time for you to digest and begin to implement some of the information and techniques covered. Additional preparation and homework will also be required.


Friday 13th // 7:15 – 9:15pm

Saturday 14th // 2:00 – 8:00pm

Sunday 15th // 12:15 – 4:15pm

The following provides an overview of each section of the course:

Status Check: Pre-course exercises // You will be given several preparatory exercises before starting the course. These exercises help you gain clarity over your time and money – so that you arrive with a keen awareness of the current state of your business. This will also highlight where you need the most help, allowing you to take maximum benefit from the course.

Creating Product: Experiential learning // By taking part in a yoga class that incorporates the key features of a well-attended class and nurtures a sense of community, you will learn a multitude of techniques that you will be able to immediately implement in your own classes.

Your USP: Discovering your superpower // In this section of the course, you will be guided through a series of exercises which will allow you to uncover your unique skillset and characteristics, and understand how these things can help you to become a highly successful yoga teacher.

The Journey: Plotting your path // All successful yoga teachers follow a certain path and understanding where you are on this path can help you prepare for the next stage of the journey, and (re)cover any ground you may have missed up to this point.

Teacher Space: Respecting yourself and your students // There’s a fine line between ego and leadership. In this part of the course, you will discover the role that respect plays in the relationship between teacher and student, and how this influences the success of your classes.

What is Money: A healthy approach // Neither you nor your business will thrive if you don’t make enough money. Here, we discuss the concept of money and, through role play, explore how you can make more of it by increasing the potential for your students’ growth and transformation.

Basic Marketing: Your message & how to spread it // Yoga is a booming industry and there’s plenty of scope for a wide-reaching marketing strategy that works online and offline. Learn how to grow your business through your own brand message.

Chakras & Business: Maintaining a high vibration // In this portion of the course, you will learn how a deep understanding of the chakra system can help you take care of the physical, emotional, psychological, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your business.

Inspiring commitment: Retaining students // It’s all too easy for ‘life’ to get in the way of even the most enthusiastic person’s best intentions. An inquiry is one thing. A committed student another altogether. Here, we share some practical methods for both securing and retaining new students.

Time, Energy & Money: Managing your resources // Setting up your schedule for success will allow you to make enough money without exhausting yourself, freeing you from the emotions of stress and overwhelm, and leaving time for you to maintain your own yoga practice.

Back to the Future: Revisiting your vision // We’re often told to ‘be present’, but when it comes to business, you can’t afford to ignore the future. Knowing our goals informs the decisions we take now. Here, you will learn how to create a clear and inspiring vision for your business.

The 3 Gears of Business: What to expect & when // Like cars and bicycles, successful yoga businesses run most efficiently and powerfully when they’re in the right gear. Discover which gear you need to be in at any given time, for a smooth journey to success.

This course is recognised by Yoga Alliance Professionals and will count towards your CPD hours.

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Angela Sykes – Yoga Kula Leeds

Angela Sykes started Yoga Kula in 2011 in her Mum’s living room and has grown it into a vibrant and popular business with over 36,000 visits in 2019. Angela has a deep passion for sharing yoga and is also a talented business woman with a strong, clear vision and a deep understanding of the yoga industry.

Yoga Kula has several elements such as classes, workshops, retreats and a teacher training. Angela will share with you what she has learned on her journey so far in the hope that it can help you stay focussed, get aligned with a clear direction and become successful.

Lilley Harvey – Peacock Tree Yoga

When Lilley Harvey founded Peacock Tree Yoga back in 2010, she quickly realised that she needed a mentor if she was going to be a successful yoga teacher – and she found the very best in Master Jason Campbell of Zen Wellness, Arizona. Right from the start Lilley’s business has been well-designed, vibrant and profitable. Classes are popular, workshops sell out and the community she has created continues to grow.

In keeping with the yogic tradition of passing on wisdom, Lilley has decided it’s now time to offer other yoga teachers the opportunity to benefit from the same teachings she received on becoming a spiritual entrepreneur that have led to her success.

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Here’s a helpful map and our full address:

Before booking a Yoga Kula Immersion we ask all students to refer to our cancellation policy. Alternatively, feel free to call the studio between 9:30am and 5:30pm—Monday to Friday—on 07445 625 645 with any additonal questions you might have.

The Yoga Kula Team.