We spoke to one of our loyal students about his journey into yoga and how it makes him feel.

What made you start yoga?

I’d tried yoga a few times through the years, always a bit half-heartedly, giving up after a few weeks each time. It didn’t seem to groove back then, my routine mostly revolved around work-work-work, heavy partying, sports and TV. Last year I got into yoga more permanently and, looking back, there are two main reasons. Firstly, meditation, which is an important aspect of yoga, was already becoming a bigger part of my daily habit. Secondly, I was looking for some kind of exercise that didn’t involve high ground impact or physical contact. Now I go to 2 or 3 classes per week, and do at least 20 minutes of my own practise when I wake up. Once I’d got the gist of the basic moves it’s been fairly straightforward to practice at home. It took about 9 months of going to classes to get to this point.

How does it make you feel?

Chilled out and balanced: doing yoga isn’t a magic bullet, I’ve still got to get on with my day, but there is definitely a difference in my outlook if I’ve urged myself to get to a class or set up my kit at home. It doesn’t make me feel positive exactly, its more accurate to say my mind is more realistic and aware. My body usually feels pretty good after a session, sometimes even amazing. Old injuries can flare up, and that’s part of the process.

Why does Yoga work for you?

There’s a lot of variety, it doesn’t seem to get boring: the opposite, in fact. Even in simple moves there’s always something new to discover: DO-ing it is absorbing, and enriching. And now, it’s time for some out-there stuff: I’ve started to engage in a spiritual practise through a specific arm of yoga. Yes! ‘spirituality’. The phrase spiritual practice might put some people off, it probably would have turned me away this time last year. However, I’m getting so much out of it that it needs to be mentioned: it’s very freeing.

About you…

I’m 40, I work in IT, I love music and dancing, and I have a dodgy knee.


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