Yoga every day? But I’m just too tired

I have to admit, it’s a bit tricky to write this one at the moment as I’m feeling rather relaxed and reinvigorated. I’ve just come out of the sauna, having had one of the most wonderful massages (a Thai massage taster with our fab new therapist Suzanne, truly brilliant). It’s fair to say I’m not that tired right now. However, all this loveliness is a momentary break from my role cooking as part of the Kula retreat team so when my alarm went at 5.15 this morning, early enough for me to fit in a practice before getting breakfast ready, my first thought was definitely “I’m just too tired”.

This is probably one of the most common things students say when they’ve missed class a couple of times. And it’s certainly the most common reason why I sometimes miss a practice. When we have a hundred and one things to do in the day ahead or we’ve had to stay up late the night before in order to finish all our jobs then giving up some time to yoga seems like a challenge. But it’s at these times when we really should do something, just a little bit. And that’s the key. Just five minutes would make us feel like we’ve achieved something and often those five minutes can help us re-boot; give us more energy to face what ever lies ahead.

So, lesson two is: savasana is a yoga pose, possibly one of the hardest to master too as it often brings us directly into contact with our chattery ego (that voice telling us that we’re just too tired). The benefits of relaxation are huge so if this is what your practice is some days then good on you! Using a counted breath is often a helpful way to switch off. Try counting in cycles of ten, counting at the end of each exhale. Stay focused enough to notice if you go beyond ten (which you inevitably will!) and when this happens just simply return to one. After a while, see if you can change the count so you are marking the beginning of the inhale instead. There is a lovely moment of stillness just before we take our next breath that seems to bring a real sense of calm to the body and mind.

P.S. Huge thanks to all the lovely yogis who joined us on retreat this weekend, was great to spend time with you all. Keep your eyes peeled for more information about mine and Julia’s October Yin and Ashtanga extravaganza. We can’t wait!