‘Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.’ Ralph Waldo Emerson

We invite you to join two of our Yoga Teacher Training Graduates for a very special workshop on Sunday 8th September, from 2-4pm.

Never underestimate the power of inner peace.

Using the medicinal and healing properties of herbs, Gillian Felton and Sophie Bodenham will guide you through a flowing, calming and balanced yoga practice.

Opening with a healing fresh rosemary meditation and moving through a flowing sequence to invigorate and uplift the mind and body, you’ll connect with the sounds of nature to bring clarity of thought.

The practice will then slow with the scent of white sage combined with Yin Yoga, taking you on a journey that cools, calms and balances the body, before the essence of lavender nourishes, restores and connects you to the inner peace that resides in all of us.

Your practice will be sealed and closed with herbal teas and homemade biscuits.

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