Yin Yoga is a great opportunity to work with the waves of the breath and stay for longer in floor-based poses to work on the deeper muscles, connective tissues and internal organs. If you are looking for a strong but yielding practice where there is time to work deeply into areas of the body and mind where energy can be released and tension let go of then Yin is for you.

Yin works on the internal organs such as the heart, liver and spleen helping the organs stay strong and healthy. It also rejuvenates the nervous system leaving you feeling relaxed and energised at the same time, in body and mind. Yin Yoga is a great complement to the more dynamic forms of Yoga. Working with the breath in these deep poses will develop concentration and a meditative focus- sometimes using props so that you can let go and release deeply. I have been practising Yin over the last 4 years to balance my more dynamic practice as i have found the need to also have  a slower deeper practice in order to release tension in those areas where it has been difficult to reach, (especially for me to be able to do lotus – and then stay there!)! I have been  teaching Yoga for the last 6 years.- inspired by Ashtanga to develop  breath flow sequences. By attending regular Yin Yoga workshops run by Liz Stephenson-Payne I have realised the value of a slower, deeper practice as part of a balanced approach to my yoga practice.

I look forward to seeing you at Yin Yoga class at Yoga Kula where you will find a warm and supportive atmosphere to encourage a yeilding, mindful connection with your self, strengthening you mentally, emotionally spiritually.

Julia x

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