There are so many places to train as a Yoga teacher, as the practice has become more popular over the years. The issue with committing to a yoga training is understanding that they are not all created the same. We seem to be seeing a current trend towards ‘Factory Yoga’ – where trainings are simply churning out ‘teachers’ who are have not dedicated enough time to their own practice, and on top of that have been rushed through a teacher training process which has not prepared them for professional teaching.

Over time, this leads to a decline in the standard of yoga teaching.

Our mission at Yoga Kula is to ensure we raise these standards. Our course is registered by Yoga Alliance Professionals, who hold the highest standards in the industry and the qualification is recognised globally.

Our course is led by Senior Yoga Teacher Angela Sykes, who has over 10 years teaching experience and founded Yoga Kula. She offers a deep understanding of Yoga alongside a deep understanding of the industry – and how to become a successful Yoga professional.

Angela Sykes

At Yoga Kula we are moving as far away from ‘factory yoga’ as possible. Our course is over 18 months, so that trainees have time to:

  • Deepen own transformation as a yoga student
  • Allow deep absorption of the material
  • Give time to put the material through a personal filter in order to discover a niche
  • Hone in to your offering
  • Develop a supportive yoga network
  • Be part of a thriving yoga community

Here are our key aspects to check before choosing a training:

Who are your teachers and what experience do they have?

If a course is being led by anyone with any less than 10 years teaching experience,  do not invest your time and money.

Ensure to ask questions about each teacher on the training:

  • How many years they have been teaching?
  • What they have achieved in their yoga career?
  • What are their qualifications/experience?

How many contact hours do you receive?

Go for a course with as many contact hours as possible – 200 hours is the absolute minimum amount of training hours to become a teacher, and we feel not enough to cover the basics. If you can choose a course with 250-300 hours you will simply be better trained and more prepared for life as a professional yoga teacher. If you find yourself wanting to rush and ‘just get it done’, we suggest investigating why you feel the need to rush something so special and transformational.

What perks and opportunities are there?

There’s so much more to a Yoga Teacher Training Course than simply the contact hours.

Here is what we offer at Kula:

  • Unlimited yoga class pass just £35.00 per month
  • Trainee Insurance and membership to YAP for duration of the course
  • Develop a supportive network of yoga peers and yoga professionals
  • Discount from selected workshops at Yoga Kula
  • Get involved with Yoga Kula events and gain professional experience
  • Support and take part in Kula classes and workshops
  • Support from Yoga Teacher Mentors and TTC graduates
  • Teach Pay As You Feel and paid Pop Up classes at the studio
  • Become a trainee mentor for the next teacher training
  • Become part of the Kula teaching team
  • Peer group and Trainee Representative

TTC // Teacher Training CourseWho Passes?

At Yoga Kula our graduates are those who have shown us over the 18 months that they are committed to personal growth and transformation as well as engaging with and applying the things they are learning on the course. We have an external assessor on our team to ensure we are marking assessments in a fair and consistent way.

Check the application process

 If a course is very easy to get onto this could indicate the quality is low.

Some courses let anyone train without prerequisites which means the material needs to be pitched lower – ensure there are prerequisites and a robust selection process.

Yoga Kula Application Process and pre-requisites:

We ask that all of our applicants have at least two years experience as a dedicated yoga practitioner.

We then ask each applicant to:

  • Fill in the online form
  • If criteria is fulfilled we will send you a full application
  • Send in your full application
  • If successful you will be invited in for an interview
  • If successful you will be offered a place
  • You may be asked to attend some classes, so we can learn more about you as a practitioner

We hope this helps you to assess the quality of a course before investing your time and money. If you would like to find out more about our TTC or chat to one of our trainees to find out what teacher training life is like at Yoga Kula simply get in touch.

There is more information on our Teacher Training Course here. We’d also like to invite you to our September Open Day, which is a great opportunity to meet current and previous trainees, as well as the teaching team and hear more about our Teacher Training Course.  You can book your space by clicking below.

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