Welcome to May at Yoga Kula. We have lots to share with you this month, from new classes, free classes, and relaxing workshops to welcoming a new teacher into the Yoga Kula family. You can read about this by clicking here.

W O R K S H O P S + P O P U P S 

Friday 3rd May – 7:15-8:30pm – Drop in for £10 or use your Anytime pass

Pop Up // Lunar Hatha with Helen Ince. 

Lunar Hatha
A cooling and gentle hatha practice inspired by the grounding influence of the moon. We move slowly through a sequence of asana designed to help us turn inward and foster a feeling of relaxation. Finding a full yogic breath, we tune in to the sense of letting go associated with a slow and steady exhale encouraging us to embrace a feeling of calm.

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Friday 10th May – 7:15-9:15pm – £20

Happy Place // Restorative + Nidra with Catharine Rosenthall

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”
― Dalai Lama XIV

Happy Place // Restorative + Nidra

Have you found your happy place? What do you do for yourself? Time for yourself to connect and ground is vital for mental health and emotional wellbeing, yet we are often at the bottom of the pile when it comes to prioritising our needs. This workshop will help you to unwind, concentrate on your priorities, de-stress and most importantly, find your happy place again. Yoga Nidra translates as “yogic sleep”. A beautiful practice where you will be in a completely effortless state of being and guided to a relaxed state between wakefulness and sleeping. In this state of consciousness deep healing and rejuvenation can occur.

The workshop will begin with gentle pranayama to calm and soothe the mind, leading to some deeply held restorative heart opening poses to connect to the heart and physical body and to encourage the quietening of the mind while inviting the physical body to soften the grip and let go before the practice of Yoga Nidra.

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Saturday 11th May – 2:30-4pm – Drop in for £10 or use your Anytime pass

Pop Up – Rocket // Drills with Pam Vargas

Rocket - Pam

“If I can see it and believe it then I can achieve it.” Arnold Schwarzenegger

Join our regular Rocket teacher and one third of Team Rocket for a pop-up Rocket Yoga class that will drill down into arm balances, handstands and strengthening.

Starting with a Rocket flow to heat body, you’ll then dive into and break down challenging poses, whilst Pam helps you to find new ways into them.

Be prepared to have fun, push yourself a little further, let go of judgement and ego, and learn some new Rocket techniques.

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Sunday 12th May – 1:30-4pm – £25

Shakti // Yin with Binny Saandal

Shakti // Yin

Shakti power lives in us all but we rarely understand how impactful it is or can be. Be guided through practices and insight to bring your inner Shakti to life and then seal its power and nourish your body and mind with a calming yin practice.
In this workshop participants will have time and space to connect to inner Shakti power and balance this inner power with the cooling, nourishing energy of Yin. By moving into a carefully selected range of ancient asana (poses) and mudra (energy seals) participants will begin to understand how to tap into creative, intuitive powers for increased confidence and health. It is essential for body and mind to find balance between these two energies/forces – when they are unplanned we lose both inner and outer harmony.

This workshop will begin with ancient mantra, key mudra, pranayama and intention setting. There will then be time to set the context with a brief insight into Hindu Philosophy – focussing on an excerpt from the Bhagwan Gita (an ancient yogic text) and time for question around the key concepts of the day Shakti and Yin.

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Sunday 19th May – 7:15-8:45pm – Drop in for £10 or use your Anytime pass

Pop Up // Improve with Becky Hill


If you’ve recently started yoga and want to take your practice to the next level, or want to refresh your knowledge of the foundations of yoga, this pop-up class is just for you.
It will help bridge the gap between our Begin course and a regular yoga class. It’s a chance to consolidate and improve on what you’ve already learnt, and try out a few new postures.

We’ll look at poses that build on the flexibility, strength and balance you’ve been developing. You’ll try out different types of back bends and forward bends; have a go at some more balances; review some of the breathing techniques that can help you with your yoga asana; and – of course – take plenty of time out to relax. There’ll also be chance to ask questions as we go along and look at how to modify postures so that they work for you.

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Friday 24th May – 7:30-9pm – Drop in for £10 or use your Anytime pass. 

Pop up // Hippie Power with Sian Grayson

Hippie Power

This power yoga pop-up class will be focussing on the hips, we love the hips! Mixing energetic flows with slow hip openers all working towards some awesome peak poses once your hips are ready and willing to give it a go. This will be a fun, easy going pop-up class, open to all levels, where you might try something you haven’t tried before and will hopefully leave happy and energised.

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Saturday 25th May – 2:30-5pm – £25

Explore Backbends with Claire Dambawinna

Ashtanga Technique

Join Claire for this fun, dynamic Yoga Technique workshop to break down this challenging pose, learn techniques to both prepare and support the body and learn practices to make the poses accessible as you work towards the full Upward Facing Bow or Wheel pose.

The posture is a dynamic and challenging pose which comes towards the end of the Ashtanga Primary Series. It requires openness in the shoulders, chest, belly, groins and thighs. Practiced correctly this pose can be exhilarating, uplifting and a great antidote to the opposite movement which is prevalent in our daily life as we work at desks, look at our phones, tend to children or pets and carry out most household or work activities.

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Sunday 26th May – 12:30-4pm – £80 per couple

Birth Preparation with Lara Heppell

May Birth Prep

Our fabulous Birth Preparation workshop has been lovingly designed by Lara to help women and their birth partners / supporters prepare for the amazing experience of birth.

The session will begin and end with relaxing hypnobirthing practices which you will receive copies of to listen again at home.

During the rest of the session we will discuss birth from a natural physiological perspective and provide you with a safe, open and nurturing space in which to gain new skills and confidence, discuss birth (in a non-medical setting) as a couple or in a small workshop environment with other parents-to-be.

The session will enable you as a couple to work together, gain new skills and confidence and more importantly discover what you both want from your birth experience. It is a unique opportunity for you and your partner to connect with your baby and explore what support might mean for you, how you can work together to empower the mother and create an environment that promotes calm and relaxation for both you and baby.

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Monday 27th May – 1:30-3:30pm – £20

Rocket + Restore with Helen Ince

Life is a balance between rest and movement” – Osho

Rocket May

Combining the dynamic and energetic Rocket practice with a beautiful deep relaxation and guided meditation.

Rooted in the Ashtanga system, Rocket is a strong, speedy sequence that combines elements of the primary, second and advanced series to create an uplifting, fun and challenging practice that will raise your heartrate, building stamina, strength and flexibility. There will be time to play with arm balances and inversions with lots of modifications and alternatives to help support you at whatever stage you are at on your yoga journey.

The session will end with a sequence of restorative poses and a rotation of consciousness; a guided meditation where we take our attention to each part of the body that has worked really hard in our practice and allow it to relax deeply, moving you into complete rest.

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Friday 31st May –  7-9pm – £20

Moon Sequence + Meditation with Julia Knight 

May Moon Sequence

The ‘Moon Sequence’ was created by advanced yoga practitioner Matthew Sweeney as a way to balance the fiery nature of Ashtanga yoga, and to restore the body on moon days when our energies need support. This is a nourishing yet dynamic set sequence, working closely with gravity and the earths energy with a strong focus on hips and shoulder tension release, flowing with the breath.

The moon sequence allows us to harmonise our Yang practices and busy lives, with a cooling Yin attitude and pace, bringing us into balance whilst maintaining and cooling the nervous system. So wether you practice Ashtanga yoga or not, if you are looking to ease into a Yin yoga flow with infused moments of meditation, this is the workshop for you

After our Moon sequence we will settle into a long, relaxing Savasana before taking time to deepen the connection to our source with cooling Pranyama and a guided Moon Meditation.

On this Spring full moon we increase awareness of our changing mind and body conditions whilst regulating the nervous system.

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