Welcome to June at Yoga Kula. This month sees the launch of our brand new timetable, bringing you new classes, workshops, and so much more.

T H U R S D A Y   6 T H   J U N E  Susi // Flow + Fly June

New Class // F l o w + F l y // 9am-10am

We launch a brand new class with the incredible Susi Wick on Thursday 6th June. A playful fusion of dynamic, strong Vinyasa Flow and fun, playful arm balances, inversions and Acro Yoga moves. This class leaves plenty of room for PLAY and is set to music which uplifts the soul.

Come along to try new things, step out of your comport zone, strengthen body and mind and nourish the soul.

This class is open to those with some yoga experience. Benefits include improved strength and flexibility, learn to fly in arm balances and using acro yoga moves, and rediscovered playfulness. Not suitable for beginners to yoga.

Come along to FLOW, FLY + PLAY!

You can book your place on this class on Thursday 6th June by clicking here.

F R I D A Y  7 T H   J U NE  Clare Kerrigan - June

New Class // S o o t h i n g   F l o w   +  M e d i t a t i o n  // 7:15am-8:15am 

Our second new launch of the week comes in the form of Soothing Flow + Meditation with Clare Kerrigan. Clare returns from a month in India, bringing with her two new classes to the Kula timetable.

The perfect way to soothe you into a new day. A well-rounded and soulfully soothing morning yoga session. Includes soothing sequences to slowly wake up the body/mind, breath work to refresh and harness energy or ‘prana’ and meditation using mudra to steady the inner world and connect deeply with our energies for the day ahead. Leave feeling relaxed, calm yet energised.

You can book your place on this class on Friday 7th June by clicking here.

F R I D A Y  7 T H  J U NE  Clare Kerrigan // June

New Class // H a t  h a   +  N i d r a  // 11:30am-12:30pm

Hatha Yoga is a chance to work with individual postures and work at a slower pace.
Clare will expertly guide you through a selection of asana (postures) giving you relevant information during the class focusing on alignment and explaining the benefits of the postures. Students will be encouraged to focus on the breath throughout the session and through this direction may arrive at a place of awareness and begin to experience yoga as a mediation. Hatha classes at Yoga Kula include time dedicated to pranayama (breathing) practices which help to improve mental clarity and wellbeing.

In this Hatha session there is time and space to enjoy a deeply restful Yoga Nidra or ‘Yogic Sleep’. It is said that Yoga Nidra can remove mental stress and physical tiredness – a real tonic for our busy, modern lives. This class is perfect for those newer to yoga as well as those wanting to refine an existing practice and those wanting to start a meditation practice. Yoga Nidra provides the perfect pathway into meditation by releasing mental and physical tension.

You can book your place on this class on Friday 7th June by clicking here.

T U E S D A Y  1 1 T H   J U N E Rocket + Yin // June

// Pop Up – R o c k e t + Y i n // 3pm-4:15pm

£10 drop in or use your Anytime pass.

“In life, may you proceed with balance…” Patti Smith

Join Amera Stanforth for a pop-up class of two halves, designed to bring balance to body and mind.
Beginning with a dynamic, energetic standing sequence based on the Rocket practise. This uplifting start will build heat in the body through fast paced sun salutations, arm balances and inversions for a yoga cardio, full body workout. This practise promises to be full of fun and energy!

The second half to this Yang practice will finish with a much deserved, calming and grounding Yin inspired seated sequence. This will give you deeper stretch and to work on the connective tissues in the body by holding each posture for around 3 minutes. Yin has many benefits — creating space, balance and relaxation. A perfect antidote to our busy modern lives!

Some Yoga experience ideally required.

You can book your place on this class on Tuesday 11th June by clicking here.

T H U R S D A Y   1 3 T H  J U N E 

New Class // V i n y a s a   F l o w // 8pm-9:15pm

Vinyasa flow is a dynamic, creative style of yoga in which the asana (postures) are linked together and synchronised with a yogic breath.  Join Susi Wick to feel the physical power of a yoga practice as well as the experience of a moving mediation.

When we begin to move through a physical flow with the breath our inner energies begin to flow more freely through the body leaving us feel energised and full of life! The sessions are often set to music allowing participants, to experience an awakening of inner flow encouraged by the rhythm of both breath and sound. This style is rooted in Ashtanga so often includes an Ashtanga style ‘vinyasa’ to link sequence sides. You will enjoy and experience a creative mixture of postures and sequencing. Sessions typically begin with a mediation, warm up and an opportunity to connect with the breath.

Mantra, meditation techniques and pranayama are generally weaved into the sessions.

You can book your place on this class on Thursday 13th June by clicking here.

TTC Open EveningF R I D A Y   1 4 T H   J U N E 

Teacher Training Course // O p e n   E v e n i n g // 7:30pm-9:30pm

Becoming a yoga teacher is an exciting career path, supporting and inspiring others on their yoga journey.

Deciding where to train as a teacher is an important decision. Yoga Kula’s TTC is 250 hours and takes place over 18 months allowing you time and space to take a deep dive into all of the aspects of becoming a creative, inspiring and professional yoga teacher. The right yoga teacher training course is rewarding, inspiring, challenging, supportive and transformational.

Join SYT Angela Sykes and Fabiano Culora at our TTC Cycle 3 Open Day along with other Yoga Kula trainers and current trainees. Take time to find out more about out the course, our values and how we approach yoga.

On the day you will meet the trainer team, hear from our current trainers and trainees and enjoy a yoga class. We will also have time and space for questions and finish by enjoying tea and healthy snacks together.

You can book your place on our O P E N   E V E N I N G on Friday 14th June by clicking here.

Angela // Kula 7th BirthdayT H U R S D A Y  2 0 T H  J U N E

Free Class // International Yoga Day

// Y o g a K u l a ‘ s  7 t h  B i r t h d a y // 2pm-3pm

Join Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Kula Founder Angela Sykes to celebrate our 7th Birthday and International Yoga day with a FREE yoga class followed by birthday cake and kombucha!

It has been seven years since we opened our studio doors and in that time so much has happened. We have grown a supportive community, a team of inspirational teachers and a talented team who work closely with Angela to keep Kula…well Kula!! We are training up our second batch of teachers and will soon be welcoming a new group of trainees into the fold.

There’s also our new adventure – the Yoga Kula Hub which will give us the opportunity to plug even deeper into the Chapel Allerton Community. Here, we’ll be letting everyone know about all of the amazing classes, workshops, retreats and courses we run in our cosy healing haven.

We will offer advice to ensure you get the right class for you making your yoga journey bespoke and personal as well as a selection of ethical, plastic free and local produced yoga and lifestyle products.

Join us and let’s celebrate!

Book this free celebration class on Thursday 20th June by clicking here. 

George RuddimanF R I D A Y  2 8 T H  J U N E

Workshop // C h a k r a F l o w + S o o t h i n g G o ng  

// 7:15pm-9:15pm


“Yoga is not going to make you great. Yoga is going to make you you!” Yogi Bhajan

Join George Ruddiman to retune, restore and nourish your subtle energies with a Chakra Flow Moving Meditation and relaxing Gong bath.

Before we immerse ourselves in a healing bath of sound, we begin with a chakra flow moving meditation. Here where we connect the breath to movement alongside some beautiful and uplifting kirtan music. The breath is the gateway into the subtle energies and when we connect it directly with movement we can really drop into the present and tune into the subtle body.

For the final hour of this retuning workshop we settle back supported with props and surrender to the soothing and relaxing sounds of the Gong. The Gong is an ancient healing tool that can help emotional and physical wellness,. This is done by activating the parasympathetic nervous system which is generally under stimulated in the Western culture. The effects of working in this way can be meditative, healing and deeply relaxing. The sound vibration is experienced by every cell in the body and this brings greater balance and harmony.

Click here to book this beautifully restoring Chakra Flow + Soothing Gong bath on Friday 28th June

Summer FlowS A T U R D A Y  2 9 T H  J U N E

Workshop // S u m m e r  F l o w + N i d r a  // 2:30pm-4pm


Join Deborah for a summer flow to open the heart. Enjoy a nourishing and warming blend of pranayama, yoga flow, qigong and deep relaxation. This session will encourage reflection on how best you can support, resource and nourish yourself during the busy summer season.

The summer season is all about deeply warming ourselves. The sun is the ultimate source of almost all light and warmth on the Earth’s surface and summer is when nature’s energy and our own energy are at their peak. This session supports a harnessing of this energy bringing it into our bodies and our lives.

Summer is the season for getting our heart beating and deeply opening our heart space. This warming season offers opportunity to balance calm with vibrancy and a time for enjoyment rather than striving. A time for living life to the full and enjoying the world around us.

Click here to book our Summer Flow + Nidra workshop on Saturday 29th June 

Pop-Up // Hot Deep StrengthS A T U R D A Y  2 9 T H  J U N E

Pop-Up // H o t  D e e p  S t r e n g t h // 5pm-6:15pm

£10 drop in or use your Anytime pass.

Join Taylor Selby for a fiery and dynamic, strength inspired Hot Vinyasa Flow pop-up class.

This 75 minute hot flow will build heat from the inside out, beginning with pranayama and with a strong focus on the core,. We will find power from our centre before using this deep strength to carry us through a fast paced vinyasa sequence. Our breath will connect us from one asana to the next as we rely on our inner strength to find stability in the body.

Expect to challenge yourself and reach deep within to cultivate strength and awareness throughout your entire body. This class will unwind with a cool down as well as along and relaxing savasana.

Click here to book this Hot Deep Strength Pop Up class on Saturday 29th June. 

Deep Front LineS U N D A Y  3 0 T H   J U N E

Workshop // Y i n + Y a ng // The Deep Front Line //



Fascia lines create stability, resistance, power, flexibility, elasticity, and above all, compensatory posture.’ Tom Myers

Join Julia Knight for a workshop that will balance your Yin and Yang energies this summer by exploring the Deep Front Line.

The Deep Front Line allows us to access to our core fascia which travels the body from head to foot. As well as being a stabiliser, the DFL closely mirrors the Yin Meridian energy channels of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

To balance our Yin and Yang energies this workshop will begin by activating our DFL with a backbend focused all levels Vinyasa Flow (Yang) practice. This will be accessible to beginners whilst modifying postures to challenge more experienced yoga practitioners. You will then move onto a floor based, nervous system quietening Yin practice, which will balance the Yang practice and bring focus to your Yin kidney energy.

Julia will end this workshop with meditation to help seal in the benefits of the practice. We’ll be exploring strength of concentration and flexibility of mind.

Click here to book this Yin + Yang workshop with Senior Yoga Teacher Julia Knight on Sunday 30th June. 

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