Welcome to July at Yoga Kula. We welcome two new teachers to the Yoga Kula team, bringing both a new class and a new course to the Yoga Kula Beginners range, alongside newly curated workshops, sound baths and even some retreat preparation . . .

We kick things off by welcoming Gillian Felton and Liz Hurd to the Yoga Kula family. Both of these wonderful teachers began their teaching journey 18 months ago, and recently graduated from our first Yoga Teacher Training Course!

Gillian + LizNew Class // Launches Wednesday 3rd July, 11:30-12:30pm // Launch class is FREE!

Regular price – Drop in // £8 or use your Daytime pass.

Yoga // Begin offers students the opportunity to GROW deeper roots in their yoga practice in a rolling series of six bespoke classes. Designed for students to explore different styles of yoga and begin to develop a deeper understanding of the key benefits of the various styles.

These sessions are an ideal stepping stone for people who have completed the 6 week Begin // Foundation Course or the 4 week Begin // Express Course at Yoga Kula, and who are ready to grow and develop their practice. These are drop in sessions so you do not have to commit to the whole 6 weeks, and you’re more than welcome to continue beyond 6 weeks to grow even deeper roots.

Click here to book your space on this F R E E Launch Class on Wednesday 3rd July, 11:30-12:30pm

Low Flow + YinPop Up // Low Flow + Yin // Friday 5th July, 7:15-8:30pm with Anna Hildreth

£10 Drop in, or use your Anytime pass.

Unwind, switch off and relax with our Pop-up // Low Flow + Yin session.

This relaxing pop-up offers a combination of low and slow flow style yoga peppered with longer held yin poses. This session will support a deep release of tension to free both body and mind, whilst allowing you time to explore your inner world. This journey inward will be supported with pranayama, chanting and meditation to leave you relaxed, calm and connected.

Enjoy lavender aromas, face sprays, massages, tea and chocolate. Low lighting and a soundtrack created to support deep relaxation will invite you to rest.

Click here to book your space on our Low Flow + Yin Pop Up class on Friday 5th July at 7:15-8:30pm

Rocket + YinWorkshop // Rocket + Restore // Saturday 6th July, 2:30-4pm with Helen Ince


“Life is a balance between rest and movement” – Osho

Combining the dynamic and energetic Rocket practice with a beautiful deep relaxation and guided meditation.

Rooted in the Ashtanga system, Rocket is a strong, speedy sequence that combines elements of the primary, second and advanced series. This is an uplifting, fun and challenging practice that will raise your heartrate, building stamina, strength and flexibility. There will be time to play with arm balances and inversions with lots of modifications and alternatives to help support you at whatever stage you are at on your yoga journey.

The session will end with a sequence of restorative poses and a rotation of consciousness. This is a guided meditation where we take our attention to each part of the body, allowing it to relax deeply into complete rest.

Some yoga experience required.

Click here to book your space on our Rocket + Restore workshop on Saturday 6th July, 2:30-4pm

Rest + Restore July

Pop Up // Rest + Restore // Saturday 6th July, 7:30-8:45pm with Ella Young 

£10 Drop in, or use your Anytime pass.

Rest is one of the most nourishing habits we can indulge in. By slowing down the mind, body and, in turn, the breath, we allow ourselves to find a natural balance.

Join Ella Young for a Restorative Yoga Pop-Up that will run throughout the summer and will provide the perfect remedy for both stress and anxiety, as well as a great alternative to a Saturday night out.

During class Ella will lead you into supported postures of complete comfort where every layer of your being can surrender to a greater force. As you bathe in the present moment, your concerns over the past or worries about the future will simply melt away, allowing you to revel in the beauty of stillness.

With each pose tailored to your specific needs, the more props the better, be prepared to enjoy a Saturday evening of total bliss.

Click here to book your space on our Rest + Restore Pop Up on Saturday 6th July, 7:30-8:45pm

Balance + FlowPop Up // Balance + Flow // Sunday 7th July, 2:30-4pm with Kate Herrick

£10 Drop in, or use your Anytime pass.

Join Kate Herrick to melt into your afternoon feeling gently energised, awakened and present.

Balance + Flow brings you back to the essence of yoga, and this state of union. Coming back into harmony with your inner and outer world by moving, meditating and breathing with total presence and awareness of what is, at any given moment.

As busy people, we tend to attribute our identity with our thinking mind. This pop up is designed to realign some of that energy back into your body. Just as we use words to articulate thoughts in our minds and express ourselves, we shall learn to use our breath to explore the body, and our movements to express.

Click here to book your space on our Balance + Flow Pop Up on Sunday 7th July, 2:30-4pm

Wave Flow JulyWorkshop // Wave Flow + Sound Bath // Friday 12th July, 7:15-9:15pm with Susi Wick and George Ruddiman


“There is no new wave, only the sea.” Claude Chabrol

Join Susi Wick and George Ruddiman for a powerful fusion of movement, breath and sound that will tap into all of your senses, and reach every cell of your body.

This exciting new workshop is a collaboration between one of Yoga Kula’s most popular Vinyasa Flow teachers; Susi Wick, and Yoga Kula Teacher Training Graduate and Gong Bath teacher; George Ruddiman. Susi will guide you through a slow paced, strong and powerful Vinyasa Flow sequence, while George bathes your movement in the sounds of his gong, crystal bowls and chimes.

The class will wind down with a long relaxation and immersion in the sounds of George’s gong which is tuned to the sidereal moon. This brings in the feminine yin element and helping with emotional balance, inner connection and empathy.

Experience necessary // Please note: Gong Baths may not suitable for people suffering with clinical depression, psychosis, epilepsy or those who are pregnant.

Click here to book your space on Wave Flow + Sound Bath on Friday 12th July, 7:15-9:15pm

Asanas + Elixirs JulyWorkshop // Asanas + Elixirs // Stretches, Blends, and Brews to ease your cycle // Saturday 13th July,  2:30-5:30pm with Melanie Hadida and Pam Vargas

£25 // Women Only

Learning to better understand your menstrual cycle is an act of empowerment and resistance. Many women struggle with various ‘PMD’ symptoms that can be countered with a combination of yoga and herbal remedies.

Join Melanie Hadida (Spice + Green) and Pam Vargas for a workshop dedicated to taking control of your cycle. Through a combination of flowing yoga and at-home herbal remedies, you’ll learn clever ‘period-hacks’ to help you through combat 3 common symptoms of PMD.  Energy depletion, Fluctuations in mood, and discomfort.

During this workshop Melanie and Pam with guide you through a combination of yoga, breathing techniques, meditation and Ayurvedic herb and spice blending. This will help you to feel calmer and revitalised.

Pam will lead you through a yoga flow of stretches, breathing techniques and restorative poses to help boost energy, improve your mood and deal with discomfort.Following Pams yoga session, Melanie will brew a calming tea with various seeds, spices and herbs, whilst discussing the benefits and medicinal properties of each ingredient and how they can be used to improve your wellbeing at different times of the month.You’ll then be encouraged to get hands-on, creating your own tea and spice blends to add extra vitamins, minerals and plant-based medicines to your daily diets

Click here to book your space on Asanas + Elixirs on Saturday 13th July, 2;30-5:30pm

Kirtan JulyWorkshop // Soothing Flow + Kirtan // Saturday 13th July, 6:30-8:30pm with Jen Nevin + Mike Auger


“Music has healing power. It has the ability to take people out of themselves…” Elton John

Join yoga teacher Jen Nevin and musician Mike Auger for an evening of meditation, soothing flow and Kirtan (yogic music).

Beginning with enchanting live music and gentle grounding yoga poses,  unwind to the sounds of the tongue drum.  A blissful blend of tones known to attune you to your surroundings. From this place of peace, we’ll connect to the breath through gentle pranayama techniques that soothe the mind, before moving into an intuitive soothing flow. Our live musician, Mike, will respond to the energy in the room, creating a unique soothing soundtrack that moves with you as well as moving you.

We’ll flow effortlessly into stillness, guided by Jen into a meditation that supports the mind and connects the body to our life source.

Attuned to the ground, body and our deepest self, we’ll arise from meditation to learn a selection of mantras. These will be accompanied by Mike on a range of instruments including the traditional Indian Shruti Box. At this point you’ll be able to be as active or as still as you wish, joining the mantra by singing, dancing, playing one of the percussion instruments or by simply enjoying the healing and joyful vibrations of these ancient sounds.

Please feel free to bring your own instruments, we are always happy to create together.

The workshop will end with herbal tea and delicious homemade treats, as we welcome the evening ahead with nurtured minds and restored bodies.

Click here to book Soothing Flow + Kirtan on Saturday 13th July, 6:30-8:30pm

Workshop // Handstand Heaven // Sunday 14th July, 1-3pm with Taylor Selby


“I’m always trying to turn things upside down and see if they look any better.” Tibor Kalman

Join Taylor Selby for a lively and playful workshop that will help refine your handstand skills.This two hour workshop will give you the tools and techniques you need to start building a consistent handstand practice. Designed to help your confidence with inversions, this workshop will provide a safe environment to practice handstand drills, gain a greater sense of the alignment necessary to perfect a handstand and to move past any fears you may have about going upside down.

Building from the foundation up, this workshop will be split into two parts:

  • The first half of the workshop will begin with a dynamic vinyasa flow sequence to build heat in the body focusing on core strength as well as shoulder stability and flexibility. This will be followed by upper body handstand specific drills, utisling the strength created to find ‘airtime’.
  • The second half of the workshop will focus on the lower body, with a flow designed for the hamstrings, hip flexors and glutes. This energy will then be utilised in drills focussing on entering and exiting handstands safely and with ease.

The workshop will close with a relaxing cool down, as well as a final discussion about tips and tools you can use to create a consistent handstand practice outside of the studio.

Handstand Heaven is suitable for clients with a regular yoga practice, looking to further their inversion practice. Unfortunately this workshop is not suitable for complete beginners, pregnant or postnatal students

Click here to book our Handstand Heaven workshop on Sunday 14th July, 1-3pm. 

Gillian Felton

New Course // Begin // Express with Gillian Felton

Launches 18th July, 1:30-2:30pm. 4 week course


“Yoga allows you to find a new kind of freedom that you may not have known even existed.” B.K.S. Iyengar 

If you are new to yoga, or out of practice we recommend you complete at least one cycle of our beginners courses, Begin // Foundation or Begin // Foundation Express.

During this 4 week course you will study the building blocks of a yoga practice which you can continue to build upon in our studio classes. You will learn key yoga postures and the fundamentals of yoga such as the importance of breath and alignment. You will also be introduced to some basic yoga philosophy and meditation techniques.

Click here to book your space on our brand new course – Begin // Express, which launches on Thursday 18th July, 1:30-2:30pm and runs for 4 weeks.

Crystal AlchemyWorkshop // Crystal Alchemy + Sound Healing //  Friday 19th July, 7:15-9:15pm with Natalie Seagar


Join Natalie Seager for a blissful two hour immersion into crystal alchemy, colour therapy and sound healing to restore both body and mind.

This workshop will begin with a grounding yoga nidra to relax and rebalance the body. You’ll be asked to choose crystals that you’re drawn to and whilst holding these crystal palm stones, Natalie will weave your awareness through the body, inviting spaciousness and ease, and allowing your body to be held fully by the earth.

We will follow the yoga nidra with a luxurious immersion into sound and crystalline frequency. A truly unique sound bath experience with Crystal Tones Alchemy singing bowls, that are unique blends of quartz, gemstones, metals and minerals. The collection includes amethyst, turquoise, ruby, gold, platinum, Indium, frankincense, moldavite and Himalayan salt. Created with the intention of healing, the singing bowls will assist in grounding, integration, release, alignment and expansion of both your body and mind.

This workshop will allow you to experience deep relaxation, inner alchemy and healing, whilst being held within a blissful ethereal soundscape.

You can read more about our crystal workshops, products, and sound healing by clicking here.

Click here to book your space on Crystal Alchemy + Sound Healing on  Friday 19th July, 7:15-9:15pm.

Rest + RestorePop Up // Rest + Restore // Saturday 20th July, 7:30-8:45pm with Ella Young 

£10 Drop in, or use your Anytime pass.

Rest is one of the most nourishing habits we can indulge in. By slowing down the mind, body and, in turn, the breath, we allow ourselves to find a natural balance.

Join Ella Young for a Restorative Yoga Pop-Up, which will provide the perfect remedy for both stress and anxiety, as well as a great alternative to a Saturday night out.

During class Ella will lead you into supported postures of complete comfort where every layer of your being can surrender to a greater force. As you bathe in the present moment, your concerns over the past or worries about the future will simply melt away, allowing you to revel in the beauty of stillness.

With each pose tailored to your specific needs, the more props the better, be prepared to enjoy a Saturday evening of total bliss.

Click here to book your space on Pop Up // Rest + Restore  on Saturday 20th July, 7:30-8:45pm

Ayurvedic Lunch July

Workshop // Summer Radiance + Ayurvedic Lunch // Sunday 21st July, 12:30-3pm with Ella Young

£45 (Price includes lunch).

‘Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.’ Buddha

Join Ella Young for a Summer Radiance Workshop. Gentle flowing yoga, lifestyle practices to assist body, mind and spirit and a delicious organic lunch with produce supplied by Abel + Cole and lovingly prepared by Ella.

During this workshop we will take a holistic look at our lifestyles and assess where we can further assist our body, mind and spirit to radiate during these hotter, lighter, more energetic months. we will practice gentle flowing asanas (postures) as well as pranayama (breathing) techniques that both cool and balance the body.

Ayurveda (the science of life) provides us with knowledge and tools that allow us to live in sync with nature. Summer is the Ayurvedic Pitta season: fiery, fast and full. We draw on flavours, herbs, spices, liquids and textures that pacify the Pitta energy. We will explore the basic Ayurvedic principles before we immerse ourselves in joyful, social summer feelings and enjoy a delicious, homemade, organic lunch.

Click here to book your space on Summer Radiance + Ayurvedic Lunch on Sunday 21st July, 12:30-3pm.

Summer Restorative + NidraSummer Restorative + Nidra // Friday 26th July, 7:15-9:15pm with Catharine Rosenthall


Join Catharine Rosenthall for a summer restorative workshop, at this time of abundance, that will allow you to rest deeply, restore and re-energise with restorative yoga and yoga nidra, honouring our connection to the sun and the nourishment, vitality and feelings of wellbeing it provides.

The workshop will begin with deeply relaxing restorative poses that invite your mind and body to yield and facilitate deep rest in preparation for the stillness of yoga nidra. The practice will include supported heart opening poses to encourage the connection of the heart to the sun, recognising and celebrating the powerful solar connection of our own inner light.

Yoga Nidra translates as ‘yogic sleep’ and during this workshop you will be guided to a completely relaxed state, a place between wakefulness and sleeping. In this state of consciousness, deep healing, rejuvenation and creativity can occur. This is a place where total physical, mental and emotional relaxation happens, a calming withdrawal of the senses.

Click here to book your place on Summer Restorative + Nidra on Friday 26th July, 7:15-9:15pm

Arm Balance July

Arm Balance // Flight School // Saturday 27th July, 3-4:30pm with Susi Wick


For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.’ Leonardo Da Vinci

Are you ready to fly? Join our Flow + Fly teacher Susi Wick for an Arm Balance Workshop that will provide you with the space and tools to play with gravity and explore different arm balances.

Starting with the fundamentals and building your confidence step by step, this workshop requires no previous arm balance experience. All you need is a willingness to step out of your comfort zone and explore something new. Our bodies are stronger than we think!

During the workshop you will work towards fun and rewarding poses such as Crow and Flying Lizard variations. Come and play!

Click here to book your place for Arm Balance // Flight School, Saturday 27th July, 3:4:30pm

Rocket + Yin

Pop-Up // Rocket + Yin // Sunday 28th July, 1-2:30pm with Amera Stanforth

£10 Drop in, or use your Anytime pass.

“In life, may you proceed with balance…” Patti Smith

Join Amera for a pop-up class of two halves, designed to bring balance to body and mind.
Beginning with a dynamic, energetic standing sequence based on the Rocket practice. This uplifting start will build heat in the body through fast paced sun salutations, arm balances and inversions for a yoga cardio, full body workout. This practice promises to be full of fun and energy!

The second half to this Yang practice will finish with a much deserved, calming and grounding Yin inspired seated sequence. This will provide a deeper stretch and to work on the connective tissues in the body by holding each posture for around 3 minutes. Yin has many — creating space, balance and relaxation. A perfect antidote to our busy modern lives!

Some Yoga experience ideally required.

Click here to book your space on Rocket + Yin, Sunday 28th July, 1-2:30pm

A N    A U G U S T    T R E A T . . .

Avalon Day Retreat

A sneak peak at our August Day Retreat . . .

Cultivate Joy, Peace + Gratitude // Day Retreat // £85

*(lunch not included in price of retreat)

Friday 2nd August, 10am-6pm.

Join Senior Yoga Teacher Angela Sykes for a Yoga Day Retreat at the beautiful Avalon Wellbeing Centre in Skipton. The Avalon wellbeing centre is a haven for yoga, nature, relaxation and spa lovers.

Angela and the Avalon team have created a day retreat offering space and time for participants to cultivate the qualities of Joy, Peace and Gratitude. Learn yogic tools and techniques to bring about more positive states of mind, connect with like-minded people, and enjoy nature.  We’ll end the day relaxing deeply in Avalon’s state of the art spa facilities.

During this day retreat Angela will lead two inspirational yoga classes.

Vinyasa Flow to Cultivate Joy:

  • Arrive and Breath
  • Intention setting to cultivate JOY
  • Creative Flows
  • Hands on assists to finesse poses
  • Uplifting soundtrack
  • Mantra
  • Energising Mudra
  • Meditation
  • Deep Rest
  • Head and Neck Massage

Soothing Yoga and Meditation to cultivate Peace:

  • Intention setting to cultivate
  • Restorative Poses
  • Nourishing Flows
  • Relaxing soundtrack
  • Yin Poses
  • Grounding Mudra
  • Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Hand and Foot Massage

Angela has been practicing Yoga for 18 years and teaching for over 10, and is the founder, director and principle teacher at Yoga Kula Leeds. As well being an ambassador for Sweaty Betty, Angela has also appeared on the cover of Yoga Magazine. Her classes are dynamic and challenging whilst offering time and space for reflection, meditation and cultivation.

During this day retreat you’ll enjoy:

  • Fresh herbal tea on arrival.
  • Dynamic, Creative and Inspiring Vinyasa Flow yoga class to cultivate Joy.
  • Natropathic Lunch in Utopia with vegetarian and vegan options, or bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the grounds
  • Forrest Bathing in hammocks to cultivate Peace.
  • Soothing Yoga and Meditation session to cultivate Gratitude.
  • Time to use Avalon’s relaxation room and meditation pod
  • Avalon’s pool suite and wellbeing facilities including: Hydromassage Pool, Sauna and Steam Room
  • Explore Avalon’s Conscious Library
  • Browse Avalon’s Conscious Boutique

Limited spaces available! Click here to book yours.