Welcome to February at Yoga Kula! A big welcome to all of our new students who’ve joined us so far in 2019, and welcome back to all of our previous students. In January, we welcomed 3 new teachers, and 2 new classes!

Here’s what’s on in February . . .



Yin // Sound + Silence – Friday 8th February. 7 – 9pm

+ Julia Knight

Yin // Sound + Silence

This deeply calming Yin Yoga workshop in the cosiness of the Kula studio, will focus on the Vishuddha (throat) Chakra with exploration of Sound + Silence. We find balance with Silent Yin to help us connect to our Nada, or inner sound as we meditate. Silence allows us to connect with thoughts and feelings that may be unconscious, giving us opportunity and space to explore these. With renewed awareness; we then have the freedom to make conscious choices instead of just going along with the noise of the busy mind.

Long stay Yin Yoga poses allow us to connect with our subtle body and rejuvenate the natural strength and length of our connective tissues (fascia), that may have been lost due to aging, diet, stress or lifestyle. This connective tissue focus, combined with mindful muscle relaxation promotes the healthy flow of Qi (energy) within the body, bringing balance to mental, physical and emotional health.

We take time to explore two different pranayama techniques, sound and meditation, leading to enhanced relaxation and stillness that will leave you feeling deeply nourished and balanced.

Melt with gravity into lovely deep hip releasing postures bringing balance to mental, physical and emotional health.

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Yoga Technique: The Ashtanga Primary Series // Part 2 – Saturday 9th February. 2:30-5pm

+ Claire Dambawinna

Claire - Yoga Technique

Join Claire for Part 2 of her Yoga Technique: The Ashtanga Primary Series workshops  where we take the opportunity to study the middle section of the sequence in more detail. In this series of Technique workshops we take the time to explore each pose thoroughly and break down this challenging sequence. Options and modifications will be provided throughout to prepare and support the body as you work with or towards the full sequence.

You do not need to have attended Part 1 to benefit from this practice. Suitable for all levels, although some yoga experience is necessary.

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Tween and Teen Yoga // Pop Up – Saturday 10th February.

+ Deborah Grossman

1;45-2:45pm  Yoga for Tweens

3 – 4pm Yoga for Teens


Yoga for teens offers a welcoming and relaxing environment for growth, development and empowerment. It helps them to tune into the messages of their body and mind, and to act in a way that honours the best version of who they are. The practice of yoga offers adolescents a discipline for teens to discover who they truly are.

As well as the physical benefits of yoga, yoga teaches teens techniques for coping with the unique issues they’re faced with every day – becoming young adults with more responsibilities and decisions to make, insecurity about their changing bodies, social and family pressures, exam pressures, and uncertainty about their beliefs and their futures.

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Flow to the Beat – Friday 15th February. 7:15 – 9:15

+ Susi Wick

Immerse yourself in the magical union of mind, body, breath, and beat.

Flow to the Beat+ is a lively, fun Vinyasa flow based workshop including a thoughtfully selected playlist, a wonderful extended cool down and deep Savasana with hands-on adjustments.

After an invigorating warm up, we build to a fluid sequence of poses. Cumulating breath and movement to song, we repeat our flow and develop a sense of moving meditation. Starting with the first beat and finishing with the last, flow to let go and lose yourself in the present moment.

This workshop is suitable for yogis who have a regular practice, who know breathing techniques, basic alignment principles and Sun Salutations. Not suitable for complete beginners, pregnant or postnatal students.

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Issho Winter Terrace // Ikigai Yoga – Saturday 16th February. 9:45am – 12pm

+ Angela Sykes

Issho February

Discover your Ikigai with this nourishing yoga session followed by a delicious brunch set on the Beautiful ‘Yuki’ Winter terrace at Issho Rooftop Bar & Restaurant, Leeds.

Join Senior Yoga Teacher and Yoga Kula Director Angela Sykes in frosted surroundings for a bespoke yoga session based around the Japanese concept of ikigai. In Japan people believe everyone has an ikigai – a reason to jump out of bed in the morning, sometimes we simply haven’t taken time to discover it. Yoga offers us an opportunity to slow down, look deep within, realign with who we really are and what we want to bring to the world. It supports us to face life challenges with presence and flow.

Our ikigai session opens with a deeply restful restorative yoga pose using props for added support, followed by gentle warm ups and breathing techniques allowing us to really arrive and centre. We spend some time setting intentions and clearing the mind with simple meditation techniques before moving into soothing low flows. These slow and low flows open up the body in a calming and peaceful way. We take opportunities throughout to pause in restful yin poses to open the body and steady the mind.

During the session Angela will work with NEOM oils to enhance your experience. ‘Scent To Boost Your Energy’ is perfect to bring a sense of clarity to mind. ‘Scent To De-Stress’ brings about a sense of deep relaxation. The session will end with green tea, meditation and time to deeply rest to soothing music.

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Start with You // Truly Love + Journey Beyond with Gong Bath – Sunday 17th February. 1pm – 4pm

+ Roisin Kiernan


In honour of St. Valentines’ day – the designated day of love, join us for this incredibly special workshop of two parts. We invite you to explore your true self before immersing into a restorative Gong Sound Bath.

Take time and space to relax on the mat, get comfy using blankets, bolsters, faux sheepskins and lavender scented eye bags. Once you are deeply settled simply let the healing vibrations wash over your body.

An effortless and well deserved relaxation in the cosy Yoga Kula studio.

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Birth Preparation – Saturday 23rd February. 2:30pm – 6pm

+ Lara Heppell

Pregnant Lady

Our fabulous Birth Preparation workshop has been lovingly designed by Lara to help women and their birth partners / supporters prepare for the amazing experience of birth.

The session will begin and end with relaxing hypnobirthing practices which you will receive copies of to listen again at home.

During the rest of the session we will discuss birth from a natural physiological perspective and provide you with a safe, open and nurturing space in which to gain new skills and confidence, discuss birth (in a non-medical setting) as a couple or in a small workshop environment with other parents-to-be.

The session will enable you as a couple to work together, gain new skills and confidence and more importantly discover what you both want from your birth experience. It is a unique opportunity for you and your partner to connect with your baby and explore what support might mean for you, how you can work together to empower the mother and create an environment that promotes calm and relaxation for both you and baby.

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Yin+ // Winter Energetics – Sunday 24th February. 1pm – 4pm

+ Julia Knight

Yin+ // Energetics

This bespoke workshop has been thoughtfully developed by both Julia Knight (Senior Yoga Teacher – Yoga Alliance Professionals) and talented guest teacher Joanne Dyson; an experienced Acupuncturist and registered Mentor (BAcC).

Focusing on seasonal energetics and winter self-care, we bring together Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to enrich your yoga practise. We take time to explore postures and concepts that support and balance energy on the mat and in daily life.

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If you have any questions about our workshops or any of our current events, you can contact the studio team by email on info@yogakulaleeds.co.uk or on 07445625645