We are very excited to welcome Zeenat Cameron to the Yoga Kula studios on Friday 14th October for her Durga: Fearlessness, Integrity and Power workshop.

You might have seen lots written about Durga in the last few days as it has been a ten day celebration across India to celebrate Durga Puja.

We had a catch-up with Zeenat to find out more about what her workshop will offer;

What will students feel like after the workshop?

I hope people will feel informed, physically, mentally and emotionally energised, in touch with some key skills that can help them to deal with challenges/difficulties in their life in a more empowered way, more self-confident, more clarity.

What will students be doing in the workshop?

Meditating, chanting Durga mantra, visualising the form of Durga (images provided as on website) and connecting with it.

What are the key benefits for students partaking in your workshop?

Learning how to manage difficulties in our inner and outer lives, gaining more energy, more clarity, strength, perseverance, stamina, empowerment to overcome fears, more connection with the Divine, an understanding of the goddess principle in Tantra practice and also a good introduction to how Tantra relates to yoga and how to meditate in an effective way.

Who would this workshop appeal to most?

Anyone interested in spiritual aspects of yoga for self-understanding and awareness. This is an introduction to a practice that comes from a traditional Tantra yoga lineage where we would practice regularly to attain higher states of awareness, compassion and wisdom. It is ultimately a path of liberation, but with benefits to one’s practical life (as above). Tantra dates back 1000 years to the Kashmir area of India and this was its aim.

How will you structure the workshop?

There will be a brief outline of who Durga is and what is meant by practicing, with deities in Tantra yoga. There will also be an overview of her mythology and how understanding the stories can help us understand ourselves psychologically and emotions. We will then practice with mantra and visualization, which is the way we encounter the deities and gain their benefits.

If you are curious about this workshop and are interested to learn more you can be confident that you will learn what traditional Tantra is, what deity yoga is, and how it can benefit you, it will bring many benefits to your everyday life and align you with the divine.


Please be quick to secure your space – book here.

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Zeenat’s next workshop at Yoga Kula is an Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop on Sunday 6th November.