We invite you to join Senior Yoga Teacher Fabiano Culora every Tuesday at 9am, for our Somatic Approach to Yoga class.

What makes a somatic practice?

Somatics is a field within bodywork and movement studies, which emphasises internal physical perception. This way of working explores the body as perceived from within – without the focus on external stimuli.

This class is an integration of Yoga and Somatic practice, with a reflective and meditative structure.

A space will be held and time given to deeply sensing and listening to our body and the environment. We begin opening our attention to how we initiate movement, and what qualities of embodiment arise from noticing internal sensation support. Imagery and embodied perception help to deepen embodied inquiries.

Our curiosity to recognise ease, freedom and connection allows the movement to unfold. It could be an opportunity to check in with yourself, restore energy and discover new ways of moving.

We have a body made of many parts, each seeking a sense of whole. This organising principle requires the development of an inner witness to embrace ourselves fully. Learning to consciously track our movement processes and nurtures our inner journeys. When we widen our perceptive field we become present to what is offered from our body’s experience and perspective.

There is potential in this class to consciously re-organise and re-pattern movement and posture that has become difficult and uncomfortable. Breath and movement encouraged in union to support the vitality of all body systems. A continually fresh engagement of the whole body to ground and space through meditative stillness and dynamic movement.

What are the benefits of Somatic Yoga?

This holistic practice aligns the body structurally and energetically, improves dynamic whole body responsiveness and creates balance in movement. A mindful practice that helps bridge embodied consciousness into everyday life.

Connects movement with breath reawakening creative flow and imagination.Calms a busy mind and releases an overworked/overtired body.R

egular practice develops expressive qualities in other activities due to an increase body awareness, inner support, adaptability and mindfulness.

Who is the class aimed towards?

Each class will encourage a ‘beginners mind’ to practice.  Therefore, this class welcomes those new to yoga as well as experienced practitioners. The perfect way to ease and unwind yourself into the day, find ways to support your personal Yoga journey, and gather  movement resources for everyday living.

About Fabiano’s classes

My sessions explore body-mind connectivity, experiential anatomy and the relationship between expressive moving arts and therapeutic processes.  I offer students support in the form of a release based, somatic approach to yoga whilst maintaining the deepest respect for the transformational possibilities that arise. Click here to read more about Fabiano and his teaching experience.

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