Alignment // What Alignment?

In my twenties long before any yoga studios existed in Leeds I went to a twice weekly yoga class in a church hall. This was an Iyengar class, which 9 years of joyful alignment practice later, stopped as my teacher went on to other things…. I was bereft!
Then I found Ashtanga which brought its joys with the beauty of breath and movement linked together, it felt like I had returned home to my school years as a competitive swimmer—the mix of movement and breath and fluid focus.

Beginners Yoga Class

Taking cues from both of the practices above, I recently started teaching an Alignment Yoga class at Yoga Kula on a Thursday lunchtime, sometimes exploring moving into posture with the wave, feedback and nature of the breath, other times mindfully focusing on anatomy cues, sometimes working with gravity and spirals in the body. All of these have commonalities—listening inwards and acknowledging differences in our bodies, one size does not fit all, and mindfully enquiring through feedback and sensation is what alignment yoga is all about. 
This class suits people who would like to slow down in their postures and mindfully connect with themselves finding a balance of strength and flexibility in a class which is mainly focused around standing postures with a good savasana at the end.

Move deeper into yourself and your practice by joining us on retreat. Next getaway is to the volcanic island of Furteventura.