Well Woman Yoga….What’s that then?

Lara Heppell - Women’s Wellness, Pregnancy & Hatha Yoga
Women’s Wellness, Pregnancy & Hatha Yoga

Put very simply it is a wonderfully feminine approach to yoga, a style of Yoga that has been developed especially for Women by Women. The practice combines rhythmic fluid postures (asana) with breath, sound, mudra (gesture), and bandha work (pelvic floor practices) to enhance our awareness of our inner body and our nante inner wisdom.

This style of hatha yoga with its roots in tantra has been developed to maximise comfort, ease and pleasure, making it a fun and enjoyable practice suitable for all women of all ages / at all stages of life to try. Uma Dinsmore Tuli who developed this practice states: This fluid, powerful yoga brings us back to the ancient feminine roots of tantric practices that informed hatha yoga in the first place. We are coming full circle. I’ve been practicing yoga for forty-three years, and have spent seven years researching the history of women in yoga. I’ve been delighted to rediscover that yoga’s feminine roots nourish women today.” – See more here.

Our next Well Woman Course starts on Saturday 17th September 2016. You are welcome to join this course as a complete beginner to yoga or as a very experienced yogini. The course offers something very different; a new perspective, a chance to really connect inside to learn ways in which to support your body and its needs by taking the time to understand the fluctuations that occur for you uniquely through your own cycle – whether that is a cycle that involves menstruation or not. Womanhood is an amazing journey but at times we can all lose our way. Busy, stressful lives, negative thoughts, too much doing and not enough being leaves us disconnected from who we really are and the incredible combination of softness and strength we have inside us. Our Well Woman Cycle awareness course is carefully designed to get us back on the right path and help us to find balance through yoga, meditation, abdominal massage, increased self-awareness and improved self-care.

Wherever you are in your monthly cycle, or in the cycle of life come along; the practice can be adapted to suit all needs and is particularly beneficial to those who are experiencing problems or irregularity within their cycle, looking to improve their fertility or approaching menopause.

The course will be a great opportunity for women to gather together to ground and balance our energies….what’s not to Love?

Lara x