We are very excited to take a holiday at Christmas and spend some time relaxing and renewing with family and friends. However, we are also extremely excited to re-open the studio after the Christmas break and welcome you to 2019 at Yoga Kula.  We begin the year with some news, welcoming three incredible new teachers who are bringing with them some brilliant classes.  We’d love for you to join us, especially as the first session of each of our new class options is free!

We hope you enjoyed Yoga Kula being part of your yoga journey in 2018, we loved seeing you on the mat and look forward to your yoga practice developing, deepening and flourishing in the brand new year ahead.

There’s lots to look forward to in the coming months, with our new classes and pop up sessions,  our ever popular beginner courses and incredible workshops.



We firstly welcome the radiant Binny Saandal, who will be teaching three classes a week here at Yoga Kula.

Binny Saandal

Binny Saandal

“Movement is the song of life”

My Yoga Philosophy is to teach with a passionate heart, to inspire people to take their practice beyond the mat into real life. My teaching style is playful and creative, and through rhythmic transitions from one posture to another, integrated with light-hearted analogies. You will leave you feeling both inspired and nourished.

Join Binny for Slow Flow + Yin (FREE First class Thursday 3rd January. Click here to book)

Binny will also be teaching Ashtanga Fusion on Mondays at 6:30pm and Hatha on Sundays at 4:30pm.





Amanda Winburn

Amanda Winburn“My approach to teaching a peaceful, soulful restorativepracticee is from the heart. I like to guide my students on a journey to self through the breath, through feeling, connecting with the energy in the room and creating a safe place for self exploration”.

Amanda will be teaching Restorative and Meditation on Sundays at 5:45pm. (FREE First class Sunday 6th January. Click here to book)






Miz De Shannon

Miz will be teaching Hot Vinyasa Flow every Sunday at 8am

Miz DeShannon








Other timetable changes


7:45pm-9pm Restorative is now Restorative and Nidra with Catharine Rosenthall


11:30-12:45 Yoga, Pranayama and Relaxation is now Yoga Technique with Rachel Woolhouse. (FREE first class 8th January. Click here to book)

1:20-2:30 Yoga for Living with Cancer  with Lara Heppell has had a price reduction, with a single session now costing £6.50. Student’s first class is also free!


No timetable changes


9-10am Rocket with Pam Vargas is now All Levels  – come along and enjoy a playful practice without any pressure to be at a particular level. Expect a fast-paced dynamic class.

8-9pm Yoga Technique is replaced by Slow Flow with Binny Saandal  (FREE first class Thursday 3rd January. Click here to book)


No timetable changes


12:30-1:45 Hatha is now Yoga Technique with Claire Dambawinna



8-9am Hot Vinyasa Flow – New teacher Miz De Shannon

9:15 Ashtanga with Julia Knight is now a 75 minute class, running until 10:30am

11am Yin with Julia Knight will now run from 10:45-11:45am making Sunday morning Ashtanga and Yin the perfect double class option.

4:30-5:30pm Hatha will now be taught by Binny Saandal

5:45-7pm Forrest Inspired Flow will become Restorative and Meditation taught by Amanda Winburn (FREE First class Sunday 6th January. Click here to book)