We took some time recently to catch up with Isabel Slingerland to find out more about her Vinyasa Krama workshop on September 1st, and see what she has in store for us. 

Tell us about your upcoming workshop, Vinyasa Krama. How will the workshop differ from a regular Vinyasa class?

Vinyasa Krama means to link action with consciousness (so we are aware in each moment). In order for us to practise this in a Vinyasa flow class we link the breath to the movements. A well-crafted Vinyasa sequence builds gradually so the body and mind are fully prepared – one posture leads seamlessly into the next in a ‘Flow’.

The focus will be on the transitions from pose in to pose, constantly moving. We often think  of our yoga poses as individuals, frozen in time, something to achieve – to reach for. We do this without realising that the present time will always be right now, and we want to explore the moments that lay in between the poses. 

The flows will be slowed down so that we really can explore how to move between poses. What makes this class different from a normal Vinyasa flow class, is that we can take time to workshop some of these technical terms. This understanding of the fundamentals of Vinyasa flow can really benefit the participant with their own yoga practice, having more knowledge of the techniques and feel more confident going further into Vinyasa Flow classes in the future.

Who is the session aimed towards?

The session is aimed for people that have had some yoga practice before, but want to deepen their understanding of the fundamentals of a Vinyasa Flow yoga class, finesse their techniques, and delve into deeper understanding of there own practice. 

What do you enjoy most about this style of yoga?

I have always loved moving, its an expression of freedom and enjoyment. It’s one of the reasons for my pathway into dance and from that into Vinyasa Flow yoga. I always found it hard to be still, I was chaotic, had tons of energy and was restless. I found that the way to find rest is to go through movement, through moving I can become more aware of my inner world and my inner sensations and I would be less distracted, and eventually I would be able to rest fully and find stillness. 

The workshop is 2 and a half hours. How will this be broken down?

The session will be broken up in sections. We will study the sun salutations and move slowly through them, study and workshop breath techniques and explore the energies, followed by some slow flowing sequences. Here we will focus on transitions, where we can put all of our new knowledge into practice. The session will end with a long guided relaxation.

You’ve spent some time in India earlier this year. How has your travel benefited your teaching?

Traveling around India has given me the time to dive deeper into a self practice and self study. I had the the time and space to practice, to meditate and to read and journal. I studied in Rishikesh as part of their International Yoga Festival, where I began to focus on the idea that we are constantly in a state of transition, however we are often unaware of it.  For me this was a real discovery, and realisation that that’s what a Vinyasa Flow yoga class is all about! The idea was then planted to teach a workshop focusing on transitioning.

When do you teach at Yoga Kula?

You can join me at Kula for Hot Vinyasa on Wednesdays 8pm, Sundays 8am, and for Forrest-Inspired Flow on Sundays at 5.45.

Would you like to add anything?

Yoga is about expanding consciousness, practising to be be conscious each moment to moment as we deal with constant change, and being present while we move. We can’t divide life into separate moments, and the practise of yoga will lead to an understanding of presence.

Everything we learn on the mat is also ours off the mat – join me and learn to flow through a Vinyasa sequence with complete presence and awareness. You’ll begin to notice yourself moving through life navigating the ups and downs with presence, awareness and enjoying the flow.


Join Issy for Vinyasa Krama, The art of transition on September 1st. Click here to book your place.