Blog by Karen Heras-Kelly, female empowerment expert & life coach at Yoga Kula

Do you want to fully claim your feminine energy and womanhood? Are you ready to tune into the ancient, insightful and intuitive voice that is guiding you forward on your life’s journey?

This is an invitation for you to step into the inner circle of your own divine feminine wisdom and calling. Will you allow yourself to create from a place of truth, love and unapologetic feminine wisdom or will you choose to go it alone, and withdraw from the calling of your inner Goddess?

Your lower self may ask, who am I to step into my greatness? And the truth is who are you not to. Yes, that’s right who are you not to claim your true essence, your true goodness, and your real essential self?

There is a great force living inside you, in yoga terms it’s called life-force energy and it is the greatest gift you will ever possess. All other gifts are illusions, temporary fascinations that come and go, and often distract you from the true magical, potent and juicy source that flows through your veins. Can you feel your life-force stirring inside you right now?

As women we are born into a world that tells us how and what we should be, we are told to be ‘good girls,’ ‘to work hard,’ ‘to not be selfish’ and far worse, and as the years roll by we find ourselves caught in the same old patterns, and dramas. Sometimes, we feel lost, isolated, confused, anxious and confined to a life that our ego tells us is mediocrity. We live our lives through multiple screens, all the while longing for the tender touch of another human being or even better our self. We have forgotten who we are and our true purpose in this life, and we no longer remember the true strength of our own female form.

And yet the time for weeping is over because, now is the time to come out of the darkness and shine your light in this world.

Because even during our darkest days there is a wild and free energy that calls your name, inviting you into your inner power and urging you to find your Shakti fire. She wants you to break free, to stake your claim on your true divine self and for you to unlock the wise Goddess that lives inside. She sings of endless wisdom, the maturity of fine wines, the passing of old stories, the changing of seasons and the union of yin and yang.

What would it mean to you in your life today if you were to step into your full female power? How would you move, what would you do and say, and to whom?

Get in touch with your feminine wisdom and meet your inner Goddess and come along to Karen Heras-Kelly’s Goddess Power workshop on Sunday October 30th 2016.