For all the Dedicated Kuli’s Who Prefer to Pay by Direct Debit


We have launched a new direct debit option for all those dedicated Kuli’s who would prefer to pay each month by Direct Debit, instead of having to remember to renew their class pass. For £95 per month you can come to Kula as many times as you like to any of our classes with no top up fees and without having to buy a class pass each month.

This contract will not automatically renew at the end of month 3. If you wish to continue after the third month, please let us know and we will renew the contract so you can carry on enjoying unlimited yoga for just £95 per month.

To purchase an unlimited monthly pass on direct debit simply go to your mindbody account, select online store then select contracts and make your purchase.

If you have any questions regarding the Direct Debit or the contract please email


For more information on our current prices please have a look at our price list.