Yoga Kula opened its doors last Saturday to welcome yoga students who are interested in taking our Teacher Training Course starting January 2018.

We had a lovely day which started with tea, fruit and an informal chat. Everyone was given a TTC information pack to flick through as they arrived.

Fabiano led a relaxing spine meditation which was followed by a general Q and A for TTC Teachers Angela, Fabiano, Helen, Lara and Elena. Attendees got a chance to teach a warrior pose in pairs and Lara demonstrated a very relaxing restorative pose using plenty of yoga props.

There were some important questions which were asked and answered in the Q and A. Here are some of the questions which were asked about the qualification and about the governing body Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Can I teach abroad with my qualification? 

Yes. If you move to the US or Canada you will need to approach another insurance company—anywhere else your YAP insurance will cover you. If you have another insurance provider (not YAP) you would need to approach them about insuring you aboard.

What is the difference between YAP, BWY and IYN?

They are all governing bodies but YAP has the highest professional standards. The YAP courses must meet higher standards such as 70% of the course must be taught by a Senior Yoga Teacher and 90% of the course must be contact hours.

To be a Senior teacher with YAP professionals again the standards are higher than that of BWY and IYN. For YAP a Senior teacher must have been teaching for 8 years plus and have over 4000 hours of teaching experience.

When can I join YAP?

You can join and be insured as a trainee as soon as you start to teach family and friends (this is agreed between you and the Senior teacher on the course) for a fee of £15.00. This then stays in place until you are fully qualified. You are covered to teach 2 classes per week for an hour per class.

We are so excited to start out TTC in January and it was lovely to meet some of the trainees who will be on the course this week.

We are still taking applications for January 2018, so please get in touch if you would like more information.