Top 5 Benefits of Massage

Did you know self-care is a big trend in 2018? Did you know massage is a fantastic self-care option and could be used as part of your regular routine? It doesn’t have to be a weekly appointment (as we know a good massage can be expensive), but perhaps you invest in yourself with a massage once a month or every few months?

Some people choose to have a massage when they experience an issue or perhaps an injury, this is very common and will continue to be a big factor in leading people to book massages. However, regular massage can compliment your lifestyle and your routine. Whether you are a runner and need Sports & Remedial Massages from time to time or you have become pregnant and need a pregnancy massage to work on those ligaments which have become loose, or perhaps you have an extremely busy job and need a relaxing massage –  there is a massage option for everyone.

Our Kula therapist Harriet is able to perform a wide range of massages including Sports & Remedial, Pre-and Post Natal Massage and Reflexology. We also offer Ayurvedic and Thai Pregnancy, Thai Foot and Thai Yoga Massage at our beautiful studio.

We caught up with Harriet ahead of her massage workshop to find out what she thinks are the top five benefits of massage;

  • Releases tension and stress
  • Aids relaxation
  • Increases range of movement
  • Improves sleep patterns
  • Prevents migraines

There are so many benefits to massage, whatever the reason ensure you have done your research and you are working with a qualified and experienced therapist. Our therapist Harriet comes highly recommended.

Have you been interested in learning more about massage and have you been tempted to embark on a massage course? Our first massage workshop with Harriet on 10th February will provide you with basic massage movements needed to palpate and assess soft tissue. You will be able to massage friends and family with confidence. The second massage workshop on 11thth February will allow you to further develop basic massage movements into the techniques required to treat injured soft tissue (muscle, ligament & tendon) by learning at what stage to treat muscles tears that may have come on suddenly or have progressed over time. You don’t need to attend both workshops back to back, but if you are interested in doing both, the workshops will complement each other and will truly cement your new knowledge and understanding of massage and the body.

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