This too shall pass

We hope everyone is well at this unusual and unexpected point in our story.

Right now, things are challenging and anxieties are high – this is not the time to put too much pressure on ourselves or expect too much! Don’t worry if you haven’t mastered making bread or learned to speak Mongolian. The key thing is to cope…to take one day and sometimes even one hour at a time. Looking after our physical and mental health has never been more important that it is right now in order to keep us feeling OK and our immune system resilient.

We’ve been hearing from the Yoga Kula Community that we as a society are experiencing a range of issues, including increased anxiety, struggling with sleep, loss of motivation, a roller coaster of emotions, and more aches and pains as we are perhaps sitting more than we might normally.

Rest assured, here at Yoga Kula we are committed to listening to each and every one of your students, and we are weaving into our classes and free Facebook Live techniques you can use daily to ease the strains and stresses of lockdown life. Please keep sharing your stories with us on our Facebook Community Group so we can keep bringing you what you need in these troubling times.

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and many more!

Letting Go.

One way to really let go and relax into what is, is to begin to understand the temporary nature of everything. We are lucky enough to have a direct experience of this in our yoga practice. Just think about being in a yoga pose you find challenging in some way, whether that’s mentally or physically – and we just want to be out of it. At this moment we are offered an opportunity to understand the temporary nature of the universe. If we can just stay a little longer, breathe,  and hold steady we begin to see that things always change, move, and alter. Things will be okay.

Someday soon we will be back in the studio practicing and breathing together and we will cast out attention back to this time and feel gratitude for the simple things we took for granted only a couple of months ago. This too shall pass.

Love, Ange