Susanne Thomas teaches restorative yoga at Yoga Kula and runs regular workshops with us, her next workshop is a Restorative Partner workshop which will explore a deeper sense of release and compassion and new techniques to help rebalance body and mind.

Here she talks about the importance of being present, restoring and connecting with ourselves and others.

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The Power of Connecting

I recently returned from a beautiful dance retreat that reminded me that the different bodywork practice and training I’ve engaged in over the past 25 years are all interlinked.

The week’s retreat was categorised as a dance retreat, but all sessions were based on somatic work, experiential anatomy and authentic movement—in other words, a meditative approach to body and mind connecting—just like in yoga, mindfulness and asana study.

We spent seven hours a day being present, moving, sensing, connecting to ourselves and each other both indoors and out. It not only left me feeling grounded, calm and centred, but also blissfully happy and full of energy.

Sometimes life is so easy and all the wisdom that the sages have been telling us for centuries—and that are flooded on social media pages these days—suddenly fall into place in a beautiful, embodied way.

I was also reminded of both the simplicity and power of touch. Not that I necessarily need reminding, as I work with touch so much in Nuad Boran energy treatments, but taking part in the retreat I was of course (and very happily) much more on the receiving side and could experience first hand the near magic that can unravel when connecting.

To feel how a simple pressing down of shoulders when lying in savasana can trigger a release of muscles throughout the body, like a ripple effect of letting go. Or to experience once more how a gentle, continuous rocking motion can send us—subconsciously—right back to our earliest days, with all the associated comfort and sense of safety. I won’t forget the office worker who could not get over his excitement when he realised how destressed and relaxed he felt after our somatic practice session with rocking and weight work.

I’m excited to be running a restorative partner workshop in which we will work with all these clever and effective techniques. Look forward to seeing you there.