I’m about to embark on the biggest adventure I have ever been on—a 4 week teacher training course (TTC) in Aruba with the wonderful Rachel Brathen, also known as @yoga_girl on Instagram, followed by an 18 month programme at my favourite space: Yoga Kula here in Leeds. How did I get here? Well if you want to read more about how I started my yoga journey, please read my original blog post that I wrote for Kula here.
If I look back three years ago when I first toyed with the idea of yoga I never would have guessed that I would make the choices that have lead me to do a TTC… let alone two! But, here I am! Little old inflexible, stubborn, antisocial me! A girl who hated anything that involved body strength, sweating or flexibility, let alone being confronted with things I am not good at – I tend to stick to stuff I know I can do and yoga did not fall under that category in my mind. Even when I realised that yoga was accessible to all bodies I was still under the impression that those who did their teacher training were way wiser than I am, way more flexible and basically part-enlightened contortionists who made up a small minority of society.
But, as I have delved further into my practice I have realised that was a very naïve view-point and that teacher training is not just for those who can balance on their heads or fold their body in two – you don’t even need to be able to touch your toes. It is simply for those of us that want to deepen our practice and awareness of all that yoga has to offer! I first found myself realising how much I loved the practice of yoga when I went on a retreat with Kula to the Lake District where we started to deepen the focus on meditation and reflection. That spurred me on to attend a week-long retreat in Fuerteventura (you can read my review of that experience here) and when I was in the airport on my way back from that trip thinking ‘I’m not ready to go home, like, really not ready,’ I knew that the TTC would be for me! What better excuse do I need to spend just under two years doing what I love?
It is no secret that yoga has become such a huge part of my life, and I love bringing people to the practice (bullying them into it with love may be a better description). However, though selfish, I am not training to be a teacher for others. I am training primarily for myself. I want to deepen my understanding and my own personal practice, of the history of yoga. I want to aid myself and then, if I feel that I have enough to offer, I will reach out to the community and share all I have learnt and continue to learn!
I think what I am trying to say is that, for me, the TTC is an opportunity for me to work towards self-understanding and self-betterment, not just a means to an end to teach something to others. For me, the teaching side is more of a bi-product of the course! Regardless of what the outcome is, this part of my journey is one that I am eager to start! So, here is to the next 20 months and all that it will bring!
As always, you can follow my journey on Instagram by following @the_yorkshire_yogi, where I will try my best to put into pictures and words how my practice unfolds.

Yoga Kula is still taking applications for its TTC starting in January 2018, to find out more or to apply click here.