I started teaching Sports Massage when my massage tutor asked if I’d consider teaching with him. He gave me the confidence to know I’d be good at passing on knowledge, and from my days as a software trainer I felt able to combine my passion for massage and training. It’s been 11 years since I started teaching and I’ve gone on to develop a shorter workshop style course alongside the diploma which I now teach at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.

I get a real buzz from teaching as it’s a huge accomplishment to look around a room knowing you have encouraged the skills people are then producing.

What do I think makes a good teacher?
My mum was the most amazing teacher, her pupils were respectful of her and would call her Miss in the street. She is considerate, a great confidante, yet the first person people would do something out of respect for. I hope I am half the teacher she was.

On the Yoga Kula TTC I will be teaching students about injuries, what makes them better/worse and how to instruct people to adapt in certain poses. Having used yoga for my own rehabilitation, and working in a yoga setting (I am Kula’s Resident Massage Therapist), I have always been drawn to a holistic approach to the body and hope to pass this onto participants of Kula’s TTC.