We invite you to join us for our Teacher Training Course Takeover!

To celebrate the graduation of our trainees from our first Teacher Training Course, we’ve let them take over our timetable and social media for one weekend only! – Keep an eye out for exclusive Instastories, photos, and Q&A’s on the Kula Blog.

Each of these wonderful trainees began their Yoga Teacher Training Journey in January 2018, and throughout the past 18 months we’ve seen them learn thrive and grow. They join us this weekend to teach a range of pop up classes, ranging from dynamic Vinyasa inspired sessions through to gentle and warming relaxations.

Each of these sessions can be booked using your Anytime Class Pass, or you can purchase a Drop-In for £10.

S A T U R D A Y   1 5 T H  J U N E

2:30-3:45pm // Ignite your Inner Light // Gillian Felton.

Ignite your inner light Shine into summer with Yoga Kula Teacher Training Course graduate Gillian Felton as she leads you through a Hatha Flow practice to help ignite your inner light, before ending the class with balancing yin postures to find brightness in yourself and shine light into the rest of your life.


Moving gently from pose to pose whilst tuning into your solar plexus chakra, this class will begin by settling your mind and warming your body, before moving into poses to ignite your inner light.

Click here to book Ignite your Inner Light with Gillian Felton at 2:30pm

4:15-5:30pm // Play. Flow. Dance. // Gaby Cooke 

Play. Flow. DanceJoin Gaby Cooke for a playful, dynamic and energetic flow inspired pop-up class.

During this session you’ll be given the chance to try some unusual poses, all rhythmically linked, through a playlist of feel good music, to more familiar vinyasa flow inspired asana.

Learn to trust your timing, move from your intuition and find your inner dancer.

Click here to book Play. Flow. Dance with Gaby Cooke at 4:15pm

S U N D A Y   1 6 T H   J U N E

12:15 – 1:30pm // Love + Lotus Flow // Liz Hurd 

Love + Lotus Flow

Liz Hurd joins us at 12:15pm for a special Love and Lotus Flow pop-up.

This class will begin with a restorative heart opening sequence to tune in with our heart chakra and quiet the mind. From this place of inner calm, we’ll then move through a gentle body loving flow, practising fluid postures interwoven with mudra (divine hand gestures) and music to awaken the fire energy in our hearts.

We’ll finish with a luxuriously supported lotus incense infused savasana to bring ourselves to stillness, deep peace and self-love.

The session will end with warming herbal tea and home-made heart-warming ginger biscuits.

Click here to book Love + Lotus Flow with Liz Hurd at 12:15pm

1:45-3pm // Intuitive Flow + Meditation // Jen Nevin

Intuitive Flow + Meditation

Join Jen Nevin for this uniquely uplifting pop-up gathering, where space is offered to return to the deepest layers of your being and move to your body’s natural rhythms.

The afternoon will begin with a guided meditation and grounding sequence to bring you into your body and connect you with the energies of the Earth. Reminded of our roots, we will spark our playful energy through fun improvisations, encouraging a sense of one-ness with an open flow of energy in space.

Click here to book Intuitive Flow + Meditation with Jen Nevin at 1:45pm

3:15-4:15pm // Sing with your Body

Join Emma Sargison for a pop-up class that will explore singing with your whole body. Emma is both a singing and yoga teacher and through this yoga sequence she will take you to places in your body where you can connect with your true voice.

Using waves of breath this class will flow through postures, that will help you to connect with yourself. You don’t need to be a singer to join in this wonderful class, exploring the use of sound in your yoga practice.

Emma passionately believes that singing is our natural expression. By familiarising ourselves with our whole singing body we can find our inner voice and release natural energy.

Click here to book Sing with your Body with Emma Sargison at 3:15pm

A R E   Y O U   I N T E R E S T E D   I N   B E G I N N I N G   Y O U R

Y O G A   T E A C H E R   J O U R N E Y ?

If you’re interested in our next Teacher Training Course, you can find full information and make your initial application through our website here.

We’d also love for you to join us for our Teacher Training Open Day on June 14th. This is an opportunity to meet current trainees, course leaders, and hear more about our wonderful course. You can book your space here. 

If you have any questions, you can contact the Yoga Kula team here.