My Classes

My classes are both creative and dynamic, while always encouraging students to connect to their breath to get out of their minds and truly feel into their bodies. I always strive to energise and inspire through my classes hoping students will leave class feeling better than they did when they came in. I pay extra attention to sequencing as well, by making sure the class is set up with clear and steady focus providing a positive and calm atmosphere that allows students to find the mental push they need.

My Yoga Journey

My yoga journey began in 2013 when I took up yoga as a cross training exercise to complement the long distance running I was doing. Six months later, yoga changed for me from a means of stretching into an all encompassing body and breath connection. I discovered that yoga was doing so much more than releasing tightness in my physical body, and realised it was truly a release for my mental and emotional body as well. The body awareness I began to cultivate was so powerful that I decided I wanted to learn more and share it with others.

My Credentials

I completed my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Peacebank Yoga Studio, accredited by Yoga Alliance, in April of 2016 in California. I have been teaching full time since July of 2016, and began my teaching at Google Headquarters in California. I moved to the U.K. in July of 2017 and have been teaching full time in Leeds ever since.