We invite you to join the radiant Deborah Grossman for our seasonal Summer Flow + Nidra workshop on Saturday 29th June at 2:30pm.

Enjoy a nourishing and warming blend of pranayama, yoga flow, qigong and deep relaxation. We’ll take time to reflect on how best you can support, resource and nourish yourself during the busy summer season.

The summer season

The summer season is all about deeply warming ourselves. The sun is the ultimate source of almost all light and warmth on the Earth’s surface and summer is when nature’s energy and our own energy are at their peak. This session supports a harnessing of this energy, bringing it into our bodies and our lives.

This warming season offers opportunity to balance calm with vibrancy and a time for enjoyment rather than striving – a time for living life to the full and enjoying the world around us. This season’s practices encourage circulation, alongside a sense of deep calm.

Organs associated with this season are the heart and small intestine and our practice encourages the flow of energy along the organs’ meridian lines.It’s the season for:

  • LaughterSummer Flow
  • Contentment
  • Meditation
  • Movement
  • Compassion
  • Letting go
  • Balance
  • Socialising


  • Postures to build heat and increase circulation.
  • Cooling postures to provide the calm and balance.
  • Yoga Nidra for deep rest.
  • Cooling Pranayama
  • Walking Meditation
  • Delicious seasonal treats

Seasonal Flow Yoga

The concept of Seasonal Yoga Flow was created as an antidote to the stress and anxiety of modern life to restore our feeling of wellbeing. The practicecan help us to find physical and emotional balance and rejuvenate our energy, whilst working in harmony with nature.

The classes focus on particular energy channels and corresponding organs in line with each season; class content changes with the seasons. Seasonal yoga combines Yoga, Tai Chi, Chiqong and a modern understanding about body movement, with Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Within traditional Chinese medicine, a holistic, integrated system of thinking, each season corresponds to an element, a life stage, a color, a shape and a time of day, as well as to aspects of the individual. This includes emotions, activities, internal organs and the senses.

This holistic, interconnected philosophy can guide us in tending to our health seasonally and help keep our bodies in better harmony.


When // Saturday 29th June, 2:30-4pm

Where // Yoga Kula Studio

Price // £15