Soul Beauty // A Day Retreat

We bring together three experts, for a bespoke collaboration of yoga, facial massage, yoga nidra and nutrition for that perfect self-love Sunday.

We all know that deep, real and lasting beauty comes from within. During this morning retreat take time to focus on our inner world as well as taking care of the outside cultivating a deep inner to outer glow. A well moved, rested, nourished, reflective and cared for body and mind makes our soul beautiful.

How will we find our glow and discover soul beauty?

Soul Beauty Day RetreatVinyasa Flow 

Yoga is the ultimate beauty tonic. When we flow, move, stretch and breath we increase our inner fire which translates with immediate effect to an outer glow – bright eyes, bright skin and most importantly a clear and bright mind. Yoga Kula founder and director Angela Sykes will guide you through a LIVE vinyasa session brining a mixture of warming breath exercises, heart opening flows and a soothing meditation all designed to cultivate soul beauty.

 Face massageSoul Beauty Day Retreat

Our faces are so important; we use them to communicate, talk, express emotions, eat and so much more. Everything is connected and often tension in the body can show in our faces. If we have been holding tension and stress the face is often the first place this shows.

In this LIVE session facialist Amera guides you through face and neck massage techniques and exercises that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. Work on releasing connective tissue that lies under our skin to relax muscles and tension and sculpt the face to its natural contours to help lift and tone. It’s a lovely natural face-lift that will give you an instant glow.

Yoga NidraSoul Beauty Day Retreat

Yoga Nidra deeply calms the mind and settles the body –  when we are calm in the mind and steady in the body we make better choices related to our health and feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Enjoy a mini Yoga Nidra as a follow up to your nourishing face massage.

Soul Beauty Food and ElixirSoul Beauty Day Retreat

Food and drink are our medicine! We have selected the most potent beauty ingredients and created a quick and easy lunch and beauty elixir which you can then add into your personal soul beauty routine.

For our Soul Beauty retreat join Melanie Hadida to create vegan Summer Beauty Rolls using superfood ingredients mango, spinach & sesame, all known to enhance skin, hair and overall glow. Be guided LIVE to prepare a delicious dipping sauce for the rolls. For a hydration + beauty boost we will also prepare a cool hibiscus green tea infusion.

At the end of the LIVE session there will be time and space to ask questions on healthy seasonal cooking, tea infusions and my top tips for staying, looking and feeling energised.


Retreat Outline:

10:30 – 11.30 – LIVE: Glowy Vinyasa Flow and Meditation with Angela Sykes

11:45- 12.30 – LIVE: Circulation boosting Face Massage and Mini Nidra with Amera Stanforth

12:45 – 1.45 – LIVE: Soul Beauty Food/Elixir preparation class with Mel Hadida


You will be guided to cultivate Soul Beauty with an experienced team of experts.


Yoga: Angela Sykes – Senior Yoga Teacher and Director of Yoga Kula Leeds  

Face massage/Nidra: Amera Stanforth – Yoga Teacher and Facialist

Soul beauty Food/Elixir: Mel Hadida – Chef and Nutritionist 

We will be running FB Live sessions with all our Soul Beauty experts before the session so join our Facebook Community Group so you don’t miss out.

Suitable for all levels, some yoga experience desirable however not essential.