The perfect way to soothe you into a new day. A well-rounded and soulfully soothing morning yoga session. Includes soothing sequences to slowly wake up the body/mind, breath work to refresh and harness energy or ‘prana’ and meditation. Explore using Mudra to steady the inner world and connect deeply with our energies for the day ahead. Leave feeling relaxed, calm yet energised.

If you don’t need to rush off enjoy a meditative cup of tea in our reception before heading off to start your day.

  • Taking time for yourself at the start of each day will encourage you to feel centred and  happy by building a healthy and consistent routine.
  • Early morning is a peaceful time with little distraction, it calms the mind and increases physical energy.
  • We’re strongest in the morning – Feel how strong you can be! 
  • Morning yoga wakes up the body and the soul.
  • Stretch and release stiff muscles and boost circulation.
  • Studies have also shown that morning movement improves sleep.