‘When we can grasp even a simple understanding of the universal energies of Shiva Shakti we understand yoga on a deeper level’ Angela Sykes – Yoga Kula Director

Shiva Shakti: Ritual Flow + Puja  |  £27.50

Friday 8 November | 7:30-9:45pm. 

We invite you to join Senior Yoga Teacher Angela Sykes and Meditation and Tantra teacher Zeenat Cameron for an evening invoking and experiencing the powerful energies of Shiva Shakti. The divine masculine and feminine.

The session begins with a short mythic story (5 mins) from Angela around the Shiva Shakti concept so participants begin to understand these energies in a simple way. Mythic stories are ancient and allow concepts which we find hard to comprehend easier to understand and remember. Angela’s story will introduce you to Shiva Shakti as cosmic energies personified and set the scene for a mythic flow based around these cosmic ‘characters’.

The mythic ritual flow is dynamic and playful (as are the energies) with pauses for mediation, mudra and breathwork. Expect to feel open, energised and ready to invoke the Shiva Shakti in a deeper way through Puja.

Puja + Ritual Yoga in Leeds

Puja is an ancient Hindu ceremony in which particular energies and invited in so we can experience ourselves more fully. In essence we are both Shiva and Shaki but we as humans forget our divinity – puja brings us back into a sacred space within ourselves. Zeenat will perform the puja ceremony whilst informing participants of the why? Often in India when you attend puja you have no idea what is going on or what anything means. Zeenat ensures you will be aware of the steps with a clear picture of why puja is performed and the power of ceremony.

Throughout the evening, you can expect:

  • Shiva Shakti Ritual Flow
  • Meditation
  • Mantra
  • Mudra
  • Story
  • Tantra philosophy
  • Puja
  • Music
  • Refreshments

Shiva Shakti Ritual FlowAbout Zeenat:

Zeenat is initiated into the tantric lineage and has the blessing of ancient gurus to perform the puja ceremony. This blessing goes all the way back to ancient times so she has the support and wisdom dating all the way back to when tantra began.

About Angela:

Angela has been teaching yoga for 12 years and practicing for almost 20. As well as being Senior Yoga teacher she is trained in other healing arts such as Ayurvedic massage styles, pranic healing, reiki and bio-dynamic breathwork. Her approach is rooted in East meets West. She teaches from an Eastern approach while making it accessible for everyone. She uses yoga as a healing tool rather than something purely physical and believes that when used correctly yoga can transform not only individuals but also communities and the world.