We invite you to a very special Shakti // Yin workshop with Binny Saandal on Sunday 12th May at 1:30pm

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” –The Bhagavad Gita

Shakti power lives in us all but we rarely understand how impactful it is or can be. Be guided through practices and insight to bring your inner Shakti to life and then seal its power and nourish your body and mind with a calming yin practice.

Yoga has its roots in India, a country deeply filled with faith, myth and magic. In Hinduism (an Indian religion) the term Shakti means power or empowerment. In this workshop we will take a deep dive into our inner Shakti and begin to use this power in our daily lives. Yin energy is both calming and nourishing, a perfect complement to a dynamic practice of Shakti. Shakti // Yin

In this workshop, take time and space to connect to inner Shakti power and balance this inner power with the cooling, nourishing energy of Yin. Through exploring a carefully selected range of ancient asana and mudra, you will begin to understand how to tap into creative, intuitive powers for increased confidence and health. It is essential for body and mind to find balance between these two energies/forces. When they are unplanned we lose both inner and outer harmony.

This workshop will begin with ancient mantra, key mudra, pranayama and intention setting. There will then be time for a brief insight into Hindu Philosophy – focussing on an excerpt from the Bhagavad Gita (an ancient yogic text) allowing for questions around the key concepts of Shakti and Yin.

We begin the physical section of the workshop by moving our way through a dynamic Shakti based practice – building up our inner ’tapas’ or heat – the second half of the workshop will allow time for cooling with a floor-based yin practice. When we find the balance on our yoga mat we can begin to take this away and integrate into our daily lives.

We will seal the practice and the lessons learned with relaxing Savasana and a calming Yoga Nidra. Homemade samosas and tea will be available after the workshop.


When: Sunday 12th May //1:30-4pm

Cost: £25

Places are limited so ensure to book your space here.

You can also join Binny every Thursday for Slow Flow + Yin at 8pm.   Book this by clicking here.