Intention Setting for a Super Charged Practice

Yoga is a powerful way to bring about inner transformation. We don’t always know – or need to know – exactly how the process of transformation is working, but we are aware that it is! There are some key ingredients to supporting the process of transformation,  one of which I wanted to share with you today – the practice of intention setting.

At the start of a yoga class we are often asked to set an intention – but why?

The reason behind this,  is that when we come to the yoga mat we want to connect more closely with our true nature. We are not the looped (often negative) thoughts, the judgement, the comparisons in our minds. There is so much more than that. We are what is underneath, which sits closer to the heart. We are Peace, Joy, Compassion, and Love.

Both the human condition and modern society means that we constantly forget our true nature. It is easy to get into the mode of chasing a feeling of happiness and peace externally – we may think we would be happier if we were more attractive, weighed less, had more money, more nice clothes – the list goes on and on! The problem is when we get one thing we are still not satisfied and we then start to chase something else to try and bring us happiness and peace.

Angela SykesWhen we connect with our deeper longings through intention,  we begin to remember our true nature. As we connect with our deeper self on a more regular basis this becomes more apparent to us at the surface level and begins to become a part of our lived experience. Over time, as we begin to observe the quality of the mind more and more we begin to notice through regular intention setting that the quality of the mind begins to change.

Important points for intentions setting:

  • Try to really feel your intention. Let it fill your body, mind and energy field fully.
  • Ensure that you bring your intention into a positive present tense, as if it is already happening, for example:

“I am peaceful” – rather than I want to be more peaceful.”

  • When we notice our deeply formed habits coming back to us in the practice (and we will!) such as the comparison, the criticism, the judgement – take a deep breath and come back your intention and really feel it filling your body, mind and energy field.

Happy Intention Setting!

Angela x