Restorative Yoga is fast becoming a hugely popular form of yoga, particularly in today’s busy and hectic world. We caught up with regular restorative yoga student Anne Bonsall to talk about what she loves about practicing restorative yoga at Yoga Kula.

How long have you practiced restorative yoga?
I have practiced for just over a year.

Do you do other types of yoga as well as restorative?
I practice some gentle Hatha at home, and I love Yoga Nidra too. In the past I have practiced various, more dynamic styles, but more recently have needed to slow right down, so restorative is perfect for that.

What do you enjoy most about the restorative class?
The atmosphere is peaceful and cosy, and the postures are all floor-based, using props like bolsters and blankets. The aim is to be comfortable – what could be better than that?! It’s a chance to completely slow down and stop for over an hour, which is very precious in this fast-paced world.

What made you try restorative yoga originally?
A change in my health a couple of years ago meant I needed to rethink how I look after my body and mind. Reading the description of the class, it fitted with my desire to find something which was still yoga, but much slower and more restful to best honour my body.

What benefits does restorative yoga provide you with?
It stills my body and mind, and is like recharging my battery. It also helps me notice what I need: sometimes I finish a class feeling rested but energised, and other times I wish I could stay under the blankets and sleep! It’s a good measure in that way. The usual benefits of being in a room of like-minded people is also a draw for me. I also do restorative at home but it’s just not the same as being in a class.

Would you recommend a restorative class to another student? 
Yes! Whether it is to balance more dynamic styles of yoga, or simply that you’d like a delicious hour (and a quarter!) to step off the treadmill of work and general busy-ness of life. Often we’re too caught up to even notice that we need to stop, but actually I’ve learnt that it’s vital for our wellbeing to do so.

Have you taken part in any restorative workshops?
I just completed the Restorative Festive workshop which was a chance to spend even longer in the postures. We were also treated to a yoga nidra at the end, so I left feeling very rested and recharged.


Susanne’s next Restorative workshop is taking place on Sunday 15th January, 11:30am – 1:30pm. To view our other upcoming workshops please visit our workshops page.

From January 2017 Yoga Kula will be running two weekly restorative yoga classes; Thursday’s at 8pm (1 hr 15 minutes) and Friday’s at 3:45pm (1 hr 15 minutes). Please visit our class timetable to look at our full list of classes.