Restorative Yoga has so many incredible benefits for the body and mind including all the regular benefits a student will experience from traditional yoga classes such as learning to breathe consciously, boosts to the immune system, balance of the nervous system, the capacity to deeply relax the mind and so much more. These benefits can lead to an infinitely better life choices and consequently a happier state of being enhancing patience which might leads to better relationships.

Restorative Yoga also offers psychological benefits that come specifically from this unique practice. In Restorative, Yoga + Meditation at Yoga Kula we hold gentle poses for long lengths of time which allows us to really contemplate our presence in the body. In this stillness we begin to explore our mind/body connection; focusing on the breath and letting go of ego, where we can eventually find ourselves dancing with the soul.

When we sit in meditation we can change our thought patterns. It is through meditation that we can enhance our self awareness and experience life with a deeper understanding of our true self.  We conclude class in a mindful meditation using Mudra (symbolic hand positions) to channel our body’s energy flow with the universe.

Restorative Yoga + Meditation brings the mind and body back into balance, when you practise this type of yoga you enter into a deep state of relaxation and it is here that you can let go of those traditional holding patterns and allow the body to start to heal.

Our Restorative Yoga + Meditation class runs every Sunday with Amanda Winburn at 5:45pm. We think this yoga class is the perfect way to end the weekend in a deeply restful and restorative state of mind. Start the new week ahead rested and renewed.


  • Promotes Emotional Health
  • Enhances Self-Esteem + Self Acceptance
  • Improves Sleep
  • Reduces Stress
  • Soothes the physical symptoms of Anxiety
  • Boosts your mood
  • Contributes to better decision making + Problem Solving
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Improves immune System and Energy Levels