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We’re launching a brand new class with one of our ever popular teachers on Monday 5th August. Start your week with a Reiki + Restore class with Amanda Winburn.

So that you can get to know more about the practice of Reiki, and what Amanda has in store for you, we took some time out to hear all about her new Reiki  + Restore class. To launch the class in true Kula style, the first session is F R E E so ensure to book your space below!

What is Reiki?

Reiki directly translates as Rei – higher power, and Ki- life force.

Reiki is the spiritually guided life force energy, for the healing of emotional, physical & mental disease. Feeding the body with fresh energy and unblocking the old. Practitioners use hands on healing transferring universal energy directly into the student.

Where did you train as a Reiki practitioner, and what are your experiences?

I trained with Reiki master Felicity Weston at Ookushana and I’m about to start my next level of training. The experience of totally surrendering to source, and allowing myself to be a channel for pure energy to be transmuted is unbelievable. I’ve already had so many wonderful experiences with so many benefits!

What are the benefits of starting your week with a Reiki healing practice?

To start the week with a restorative and reiki practise is so therapeutic. It involves aligning ones energy, clearing out some emotional “stuff” before moving forwards with your week with fresh energy. It’s like doing all the housework inside of you and then turning on the light.

What are the principles of Reiki?Reiki + Restore

The principles of Reiki are not purely on a physical level but more about a spiritual awakening. I find these words resonate both within me personally, as a student and as a teacher.

1 – Just for today, I will not worry

2 – Just for today, I will not anger

3 – Just for today, I will be grateful

4 – Just for today, I will earn my living honestly

5 – Just for today, I will give kindness to every living thing.

We know you love travelling all over the world building, up your knowledge and experiences. How do you think this has impacted your teaching style?

I love to travel and I love to learn, and so I always attend workshops and classes wherever I am. In this way I grow, and I pass on this knowledge. I’ve always felt that it is my responsibility to pass everything I learn onto those around me – that’s how we learn. Together.

Whatever yoga practice you have, whether you’re a dynamic Ashtangi, or Yin is more your thing – to just release into a bolster and surrender into stillness during a Reiki session, whilst a practitioner works into your energetic body …. pure bliss …:

Are you excited to be bringing Reiki to Yoga Kula? What are you most looking forward to?

I’m very excited to bring this beautiful, powerful practice to somewhere as special as Yoga Kula, somewhere so healing and pure. I hope to share the incredible benefits of this practice with as many people as possible. I think it’s very fair to say that I love being a part of the Kula team. In my free time I’m always in the studio, and it’s where my love for yoga began! We are all students and all teachers, and there’s always someone you can learn from.

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