Reflexology involves massaging and/or applying pressure to specific points of the feet and hands. It’s thought to work through a connection between points in those areas (reflexes) and all of the organs and systems of the body. It’s hypothesised that it helps the body to rebalance and improve its level of well-being by boosting the body’s own healing reactions. Generally people will find that it works at an individual level. By this I mean that some people consider its benefits to be exceptional, some find it good and very occasionally there will be a negligible response. Everybody is different and every treatment is different. That’s one of the fundamental rules of holistic therapy.

Although its origins can be found in many ancient civilisations, reflexology as we know it today is a relatively new therapy, having been developed by a nurse and physiotherapist called Eunice Ingham in the 1930s and 1940s.

Eunice discovered that pressure applied to specific reflex points on the feet could help to relieve pain. She went on to publish her findings in two well-known books, “Stories the feet can tell” (1938) and “Stories the feet have told” (1963). Her theories and foot maps are still studied today and form much of the basis of contemporary reflexology. She later became recognized as “The Mother of Modern Reflexology”.

By the way…don’t worry if you’re ticklish or have sensitive feet. Reflexology doesn’t tickle (in my experience) and the pressure used can be adjusted to suit any degree of sensitivity.  Also, please don’t be self-conscious about your feet. Their condition can sometimes reflect what’s going on in your body so I always view them non-judgmentally.

Please try to avoid stimulants (coffee, tea, alcohol, chocolate) for 24 hours after a treatment, as the treatment has a mild detoxifying action, and drink as much water as possible to aid the detox. Also try to rest as much as possible to help your body shut down and heal itself.

  • Appointments are available; Monday 1pm-5pm and Wednesday 1pm-5pm
  • £45 for 50 minutes.
  • A 48 hour notice period for cancellation is required .