Recently I have been reading about how chronic stiffness can have a negative effect on our organs as the energy and blood flow is reduced so they are not getting the nourishment they need to function at their highest level – it made me think more than ever that we need to get as many people on the mat as possible! We do need to be mindful, however, that we are also not ‘too flexible’ as this can create issues with our joints and chronic stiffness in parts which are trying to stabilise the body. 

Practice yoga to 60-70% of your full capacity so that you have some energy left when you have finished your session, no pushing or striving, and no laziness either – apart from in the restful parts or restful classes such as yin and restorative. If we do get in the habit of pushing too hard in our dynamic classes we can end up overtired and might need to ‘grip’ just to carry on which can deplete our energy.

The most effective way for us to approach yoga is in a holistic way. For Kulis who want to work hard in class and really like a very physical practice please continue to enjoy this practice, but remember to balance that with some restful classes from time to time. For those who always want to rest throw in something more active classes or workshops from time to time. For those who have developed bad habits or have never studied the building blocks of yoga poses try a technique class or one of our popular 6-week courses – working in the right way not only helps prevent injury but also helps up get the most benefits from the poses.

We all have our habit patterns and yoga helps us to recognise them and slowly they begin to change. I cannot count the number of students I have met over the years who came to yoga looking to work hard, sweat, get stronger and weren’t particularly interested in the other aspects of the practice – after practicing yoga for a while they began to see how pleasant it can be to slow down from time to time, absorb the yoga wisdom and meditate in stillness or movement whether deliciously slow or more dynamic.

Yoga is a state of mind and the poses show us clearly the habit patterns which live within us both in the body and the mind – once we shine a light on the tightness in the hips and the rigidity in the mind it can begin to unravel.

We look forward to supporting you on your yoga journey.

Angela x


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