Kula Bites

This week’s recipe is a nutritious Quinoa salad with fresh mango, avocado and some grilled red peppers!

You will need one cup of uncooked quinoa, one ripe mango, cut into cubes, one ripe avocado cut into bite sized pieces, one red pepper cut into chunks, a handful of baby spinach and some salad cress.

Cook the quinoa by pouring it into 2 cups of boiling water, lower the heat and allow to simmer until fully cooked. Season with salt and pepper. Sautee the red pepper chunks in a tiny bit of oil until a slightly blackened but still firm.

Once the quinoa and red pepper have cooled off, transfer to a large bowl and add your mango, avocado, spinach and cress season. Toss well.

Squeeze lots of fresh lime juice over everything, drizzle with a bit of sesame oil and some organic honey.

As extra garnish, add some chopped spring onions and toasted cashew nuts!

Enjoy x