Pregnancy Yoga LeedsThe benefits of Pregnancy yoga are endless but here are five good reasons to give it a try!

1.Yoga keeps your stress levels in check -“When we practice when we’re pregnant, it makes a space in our bodies that we need … for the baby and for ourselves,” says Brower.

2. It can help to keep Mum and baby healthy – “The research, published in the medical journal Preventive Medicine, showed that pregnant women who practiced yoga for one hour, three times per week, were less likely to have low birth weight babies, pregnancy-related diabetes and high blood pressure”.

3.It can help expectant Mothers prepare both body and mind for labour- “Labor is one of the most physical things you’ll ever do,” prenatal instructor Angela Gallagher tells Yoga Journal. “You would not run a marathon without preparation: Why would you go into labor without preparing for it?”

4.It can help keep you in shape – at Kula we offer varied classes that provide exercises that build both strength and stamina and those that invite spaciousness, rest and relaxation.

5.It can help you tune into your body’s needs. “Carving out time for self-care through yoga can help women stay in tune with their bodies needs and bond with their babies, according to Brower.

LINDZ+BUMP3 (3)a“The baby can feel when we’re really taking care of ourselves and really at ease. It happens as a chemical experience for the baby.”

To read more about this you can read the article in full taken from the Huffington post.

More recently a Manchester Yoga teacher Janine Hurley recently worked with researchers to conduct a study that proved that yoga during pregnancy is beneficial for women and their babies.

This information was taken from an article in the Manchester evening news “Women who use yoga to relax during pregnancy can reduce their risk of developing anxiety and depression, a new study has proved for the first time.

Stress during pregnancy has been linked to premature birth, low birth weight and increased developmental and behavioural problems in children.

High levels of anxiety during pregnancy are also linked with postnatal depression, which can lead to later mental health problems…………………

A further extract states “A single session of yoga was found to reduce anxiety by one third and stress hormone levels by 14 per cent”………so imagine what two classes a week could do!

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So what’s not to love!