Embrace your inner power. Expect a faster paced energising class to get the body warm and active. Build strength and stamina in this dynamic and powerful Vinyasa Flow class. Swiftly move and flow through poses and sequences to truly get the blood flowing. We build heat internally though core strengthening asanas, firing up the body from the inside out.

This style of yoga allows students to feel the physical power of a yoga practice as well as the experience of a moving mediation. When we begin to move through a physical flow with the breath our inner energies begin to flow more freely through the body leaving us feeling energised and full of life!

The sessions are often set to a dynamic and playful playlist, so you will experience an awakening of inner flow encouraged by the rhythm of both breath and sound.

You will leave the session feeling energised, uplifted and revitalised.

  • Build strength, flexibility, endurance and focus.
  • Learn the art of meditation in movement to cultivate a calm, steady mind.
  • Learn to breathe whilst moving to boost energy levels and fuel the practice.
  • Tone muscles so they look and feel healthier.
  • Improve posture and reduce aches and pains.
  • Feel and look younger.
  • Improve performance in all other sporting activities.

You can also join Taylor for an Express 45 minute Power Flow every Tuesday at 12pm.