We spoke to therapist Harriet Morgan Thompson about the new Pop Up therapies at Yoga Kula…

What’s happening with therapies at Yoga Kula?

Yoga Kula hopes to provide ‘a tonic for modern life’, which is what body therapies are all about, the two go hand in hand. Because of this therapies at Kula have blossomed over the past year, therefore from September, we are going to be working in the main studio with a more Pop Up style.

When can students book therapies at Yoga Kula?

Pop up slots will be available with me on Mondays 1-5pm, Wednesdays and Thursdays 1-4pm. Therapies can be booked by emailing Naomi@yogakulaleeds.co.uk

What are the benefits of people having treatments?

To take time out and replenish is really important in this day and age. Pain in the body often comes from tightness elsewhere, which can be confusing for the brain as it gets obsessed with where the pain is. Working that out for someone and then releasing the tightness is like piecing a puzzle together.

What therapies do you offer?

Along with Sports & Remedial Massage for aches and pains, I offer Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage to deal with the different demands placed on the body and Reflexology for ailments that are not accessed through deep tissue work.

When did you become a therapist?

In 2001 after a degree in psychology and a tv research job at ITV, I retrained gaining qualifications in Massage and Reflexology. Quite quickly I got involved with a charity providing massage backstage at events working with some very high profile performers. This soon lead to being asked to teach a Sports Massage course at the University of Leeds along with a job at Northern Ballet.

What have been your biggest obstacles?

I had suffered with back issues as a swimmer in my teens and found different ways to cope including soft tissue work. Subsequently 5 years ago I broke my back and neck in a bike accident so had to take 3 months off to rehabilitate. I found yoga and hydrotherapy allowed me to move again and find the pain free body I was told may never happen. It is imperative to my work, for me to understand others pain and help them through it.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The flexibility it allows me (ironic being based in a Yoga studio!) but also to be working with people who work collaboratively with me. Training others is a massive passion of mine and brings me a great sense of joy.

If you are interested in booking a Pop Up therapy with Harriet please email Naomi.