“I move, therefore I am.” Haruki Murakami

This intuitive movement workshop with Leeds based dancer Ben King, will focus on human development through explorative and playful movement.

When?  Sunday 4th August, 12:30-2:30pm

Where? Yoga Kula Leeds

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We experience our anatomy, physiology and being; discover our animal or child-like nature as we explore, play and ‘struggle’ with irregular movement situations. Discover organic and inorganic pathways, so we see how adaptable we are and where we need to stay and develop.

In this athletic and creative workshop workshop you will explore how we physically communicate with our body, developing an awareness that can be taken into our day to day lives, helping you to solve problems and respond to the unpredictable environment we live in.


During the workshop Ben will focus on key areas of development including:

Physical Communication Skills
Sense Strategy
Situational Awareness — becoming more adaptable/efficient.

There will also be an emphasis on what we can learn about our anatomy and physiology through experience, and how we can be creative as we encounter the unknown, by placing you in different movement situations using both cooperative and confrontational games, as well as working with a partner to dissolve habits.

This workshop will be a great supplement to the practice of yoga teachers, dedicated yoga practitioners and anyone interested in the development of the human body/mind.


This will be a physical class, that will also involve touch.
Suitable for anyone with a physical practice.
If you need to sit out and observe at anytime that is also ok, we can learn a lot from the outside too, and you can rejoin when you are ready.

What Yoga Kula’s director Angela has to say about Ben’s work:

“Ben is so creative and the way he approaches movement takes you out of your box and offers you a fresh and exciting approach. I have been lucky enough to work with Ben and his input has changed the way I approach my own yoga practice and has really shook up how I approach my teaching – highly recommend if you love movement, growth and development”


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