2020 has seen lots of changes in the way we access yoga sessions as we respond to ongoing UK Covid-19 restrictions. During periods of lockdown, we’re no longer able to come to the studio to practice alongside our fellow yogi’s, but here at Yoga Kula whilst we may be distanced, our community has never been stronger. We have come together to practice online yoga classes, with students in Leeds, elsewhere in the UK and further afield.

Last lockdown, we created our online studio YK LIVE and now we bring you a brand new STRONGER TOGETHER timetable. We have created a rich and diverse timetable which features a range of teachers, yoga styles, brand new classes, creative pop ups and knowledge deepening workshops for you to enjoy.

We know that going back into a second lockdown was expected but this is still a challenging time as we continue to navigate more change to our lives – let your yoga practice support you at this time and use it as a way to stay grounded, calm and positive. #strongertogether

“Yoga Kula’s online classes have been wonderful– just as warm and welcoming as those in studio, and exactly what I need to keep my grounded during this chaotic time”

During these unusual times, we find ourselves working at home, away from the office and so for many of us our sanctuary has become our workspace. It’s really important to reclaim that space and energy to allow us to release and relax. Without the daily commute there is very little separation between work and home life, so it’s likely we’re not moving as much as we used to, and anxieties surrounding the current situation might feel overwhelming at times.

We’ve seen so many people in our classes who may otherwise not have been able to attend. Those who’ve moved away from Leeds, children, partners and other family members.

Practicing online yoga means we are able to continue our practice without travelling to the studio. We’ve been experiencing classes from teachers worldwide – including Kula teachers who have moved abroad such as Miz DeShannon and Isabel Slingerland, both of whom were able to rejoin the Yoga Kula community during the lockdown in summer to share some very special practices with us.

“Fantastic classes and lovely teachers which are making lockdown so much more bearable.”

We have classes available 7 days a week, suitable for all levels of experience. Whether you’re completely new to your yoga practice or you’re a seasoned yogi, there’s something for you on our online yoga class timetable.

Continuing your yoga practice throughout this time can help to give you a sense of normality. Being able to join in your regularly scheduled classes and really taking time to notice how our body feels, what we need at a time when we’re likely to be holding tension in ways we aren’t used to. A regular yoga practice can have a range of effects on the body, including

  • bringing your mind into the present moment – something that is key for reducing stress.
  • alleviate anxiety
  • reduce back pain – this is something we’ve heard a lot of our students have been struggling with as a result of working in makeshift office spaces
  • improving sleep
  • relieving constipation
  • strengthening muscles and bones
  • cultivating a calm, steady and focussed mind.

“The class was AMAZING!! I am loving the virtual yoga classes. My anxiety sometimes stops me from makes the journey to the studio difficult for me but this has been overcome by being able to practice in my own home!”

For those newer to their yoga practice, we are also running our FREE beginners online yoga class every Monday at 8pm.

A 30 minute class packed full of the ‘yoga basics’. Senior Yoga Teacher Angela Sykes will guide you through simple poses, breathing techniques and simple meditation which will leave you feel uplifted, inspired, energised and connected.

After the session there will be an opportunity ask any questions about yoga, the different styles of yoga, how you feel about staring your yoga journey and which style would be best for you.

Why we love yoga?

At Yoga Kula we believe yoga is about much more than taking a class. When we are calm and healthy we show up in the word with a different energy, we take action from a wiser stand point, our self-belief and confidence grows meaning we can have a positive impact not just on our own lives but on those around us and our communities.

Book a class with YK LIVE #seeyouonthemat