No More Top Ups from January 2017

In order to make our class pass options more straightforward we have decided to stop top ups from 3rd January 2017. Here is some further information which should explain everything in more detail.

What is a top up?

Previously, if a student purchased a daytime class pass, they were able to pay a £1.50 top up to attend an evening and weekend class using their Daytime class pass.

What is changing?

  • We will have two class passes available to students in 5, 10 and 20 class options; Daytime and the newly renamed Anytime which was previously Evening and Weekend.
  • £1.50 top ups will no longer be available to purchase.
  • Daytime class passes can only be used for daytime classes 7am – 5:30pm (except for Mysore).

I’m used to paying regular top-ups, what will I do now?

  • If you frequently paid for top ups whilst using your Daytime class pass you will either need to pay for a drop in class or purchase an Anytime pass moving forward. You can also have a daytime and anytime pass running alongside each other.

Reasons to purchase an Anytime class pass

  • If you regularly come to evening and weekend classes then you must purchase an Anyime class pass.
  • Mysore and Friday Hot Yoga are priced as evening and weekend classes, therefore a daytime class pass cannot be used for these classes – you must purchase either an Anytime pass or pay for an Anytime drop in.

Reasons to purchase a Daytime class pass

  • If you only attend in the daytime, Monday – Friday then a Daytime class pass is the pass for you. Should you feel like coming on a weekend or in the evening you can simply pay for a drop in class.

We understand there might be lots of additional questions on top ups, therefore if you need any further clarification, advice or a personal explanation please be sure to contact us and we will be happy to run through everything with you.